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  1. Everything resolved! I spoke with the woman working with the HR and she told me there have been a mistake with the Bewerbungsverwaltungssoftware. She told me the girl working behind the desk received the order to cancel all the applicants in the mailing list. They are actually preparing my job contract and I'll start in December.   Thank you for your catastrophism, rudeness and irreverence. You have been very helpful. I'll never write here again. Have a nice day!
  2. Exactly. Not only in OD, also in private companies as well.
  3. No i'm not talking about this.  For example, two months ago, when i got my job contract from my current employer , I received the same automated response. So i don't know what it's behind.
  4.     I told them first to give me a confirmation of my resignation. No answer. 3 hours after i wrote them again to not take into consideration that email. I personally know the girl working with the HR.
  5.   The resignation are not yet been formalized. I wrote a correction letter, if that helps.
  6. Because of the Kündigungsfrist
  7. Long story short: - Friday: job interview, everything perfect, the boss said good things about me and offered me 1 Month probation period for a job. He just asked me for all the documents needed. I inform him that I give my resignation (Kündigung) for the current job. The job is as a generic Mitarbeiter in Verkäuf. - Yesterday: I go direct by them, I leave all the documents requested. He's not present, i talk with a secretary. I send my Kündigung via email to my current employer. - Today (Sunday!): i receive a noreply Email from the company with which I had an interview at 7:30!, communicating me "heute absagen zu müssen" blablabla... the typical automated negative response. I wrote to all the interested people just one second after. I called their offices but they closed on Friday.   What the hell are they doing?  Could this automated response probably be a mistake or a system error?
  8. I don't know if it's the right section to post, so I apologize with mods in advance for the inconvenience.    Before moving to Munich, I lived in Berlin for 4 months. It has been a city that I loved very much, in there I left a piece of my heart and I met very nice people. I moved to Germany mostly to learn German, since I had very serious plans for my future, as this country is giving me good opportunities for my previous university studies (the only barrier is the linguistic one, that's why).   While I was there, learning German at school, I started actively looking for a job as it was my main aim to remain in Berlin. And so I started sending applications everywhere, for skilled vacancies (various startups) and either for unskilled ones.  During that period of time I got rejected by almost everyone. Only a McDonald's (the other 5 dumped me) and some hotels answered me back and invited me for an interview. Neverthless the more I was going further with my German level (B1, B2), still fews where the answers (mostly by hotels to work as a receptionist).   Did everything smooth and almost near perfect (all in perfect German, proofreaded by my language teacher, CV + motivation letter + sometimes references + degree certificate).   Some months later I sent an application to a company in Munich, and they answered me back immediately. So it was the same in Stuttgart and in Dusseldorf. Yeah, it was a bar, but I mean, it was the same for the other two: in 3 days, I got also an answer for an interview for a skilled job too.   How could this happen? Why is there this huge difference between Berlin and other German cities in terms of work? I know there's a high unemployment rate in Berlin and a terrible competition of workers as well, could this be the reason why? People still depict Berlin as one of the best cities in the world to find a job, while actually i see that if you're not IT oriented or skilled, cannot survive on a longer period of time (however I knew a lot of IT guys working in fast foods!).  
  9. Moving to Munich and doing the ummeldung

    I sent more than 50 messages on wg gesucht and no one is answering me.
  10. Moving to Munich and doing the ummeldung

    No. I'll be stay here until the end of the month
  11. The title is almost self explanatory.  I received a job offer in Munich and I have to start work the next month exactly. It's been 5 days that I'm struggling in finding an apartment/WG/1-bedroom-flat, and it seems a some kind of mission impossible. I'm moving from Berlin, where currently my last registered address is. I know I have to register myself within 14 days in Munich, but until now I'm not able to find something. I just found a Hostel which is giving me a 30 days stay, but idk if they can give the Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung. However, id to ask: if I leave my previous registered address here in Berlin for 1 more month or 2, while I look for something, what is gonna happen? May I try to ask to my hostel reception to sign the Wohnugsgeberbestätigung, or is it just useless?   Thank you for your assistance.