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  1. Divorce and Sponsor second wife

      @LeonG uhmm thanks for the advice. Obviously I will tell her after some time. Everyone has bad past and Peoples normally doesn't share everything at once. So just wanted to know the process if she will apply from there does she have to provide any divorce certificate to the embassy.
  2. Divorce and Sponsor second wife

    @fraufruit Thanks Noted
  3. Divorce and Sponsor second wife

      Thanks @franklan Something useful after so many comments.I will also research on that.
  4. Divorce and Sponsor second wife

      No I am just planning. If there is a way then I will give divorce and move on otherwise I will not give.  
  5. Hello  I am a bluecard holder in Germany and working here for past 2 years with my wife. I am from India and She is from Philippines. We get married in Georgia civil ceremony. My wife has dependent bluecard too. But she wants to divorce and move on. The problem is if we get divorce certificate Can I marry again in India and bring her? If its possible will my indian wife has to submit any divorce certificate of my first marriage?   Is it possible that I can hide my past from the second wife and bring her here.