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  1. Hi all,   I have read a lot of topic on this matter, but I am still confused, so I want to give it a try for some short answers. I only today understood that Mutterschutz period is subtracted from Elterngeld. My initial thoughts was 2 months Mutterschutz + 7 months parent 1 + 7 month parent 2, it was possible to cover 16 months. But now I understand that is not the case. To make a clear example: Born 01.03: March, April, Mutterschutz; May to September mother in Elterngeld; as of September 7 months of Elterngeld already used, since also March and April were Elterngeld altough not paid out due to Mutterschutz; October to April: Father in Elternzeit for 7 months; tot covered 14 months. Is my understanding correct? I think so, this is also if I understand correct in this Bundesministerium book that we received.   Now, the point that I did not read anywhere: the trick above is that the mother is receiving Mutterschutz, so she is not receiving Elterngeld altough the time is calculated. What if now:   Born 01.03: March, April, Mutterschutz and father Elterngeld: is this possible? I think so because is possible to do Elternzeit togheter and if the father is not working than he will receive the Elterngeld. Then May-November: 7 months mother ElternGeld; December - April 5 months Fatehr Elterngeld. Months covered at the end are still 14 but economically is more convenient, since 2 months more of Eltrngeld were obteined (the first 2 months of the father). Is this correct or am I mistaking something?