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  1. Taxes for post doctoral researchers

    Dear all,   First of all, I just joined the forum - I can't believe I spent 4 years in Germany figuring out things instead of coming to this forum Thanks for all the information here.   I'm writing regarding a somehow related question to this thread.   My boyfriend is currently living in Germany and working in Switzerland, a postdoctoral scientific researcher. He was with a contract in Switzerland and made his tax declaration in Germany - everything OK. We do taxes separately. Now, in 2018 he got transfered to a research stipend (EMBO Long-term fellowship - ). In the guidelines of EMBO, one can read: " We cannot advise on national tax regulations and we recommend fellows to contact the relevant authorities in the host country"   We went to the Finanzamt to clarify this but they had no idea was EMBO was. We also contacted EMBO and got the same reply as in the guidelines. In the meantime I found §3 Nr. 44 EStG, which is still a bit dubious to understand whether EMBO is tax-exempt in Germany or not. I actually think it is not, since the salary he is receiving is corrected to the Suiss lifestyle even though he is living in Germany. But it would be dumb to accept that without clarifying this first.   Also, we know how to fill out his tax declaration if it goes like the one he did when he had a contract, but we still need to figure out if it is filled out differently now that he has a stipend. Do you know?   Many thanks in advance and have a nice day   Best,   Inês