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  1. Yes, a payroll-service-provider will be used, basically as suggested by @Starshollow.   They already have one bloke in Asia and one the UK, so they are well aware of the situation (Living in A and being paid by a company in B).
  2. I came back from the job interview in the USA yesterday...   So, let's see how things work out, fingers crossed.  
  3. This is the situation: I will be abroad (outsite Europe) for at most 45 days/year. However, these service calls might be on very short notice.   Is there a way to set up an insurance for 45 days/year with a short notice activation option. As in "prepaid for 45 days/year and on call activation/on short notice activation"?   Thanx
  4. Thank you very much. Any further support is appreciated.   Thanx again.
  5. Thanx a lot.   I am still researching the other qestions. Any input is much appreciated.
  6. What does - from a U.S. American perspective - "Salary range: 12" mean?   Thanx for your help!
  7. old school car key cutting

    Do you still have a key? So you just want to duplicate a existent key? Where located in cologne?
  8. DAK, pflichtversichert.
  9. Adding another question:   What kind of additional health insurance for travels is suggested? As I'll be working and not vacationing abroad?
  10.   Thank you very much, Starshallow. This answers my question #2. Thanks again.   Left are now: What are the wages for a job like that in the USA (Job description is in post #1)? Somebody sent me a private message with the concern that "Associate degree" is a hint to a rather mineal payment, but the rest of the job description sounds hefty technical and not mineal at all...   How can the situation concerning company car solved legally?   Pitfalls to watch out for?   Thanx again Terra
  11. Hello,   Spiderpig recommended that I open this account, as I have some questions that the nice people of Toytown might be able to answer.   I am a 50 year old male German living in Germany, and I got a job offer by an american company based in NH. They do not have a subsidiary in Europe. I am supposed to be their Field Service technican, doing the job 50% at customer’s sites in Europe and 50% home office. I have attached the job discription…   Here are my questions: What are the wages for a job like that in the USA? Does anybody have experience with this setup, Working for US company in Germany? Freelancing is not an option. How to setup all the red tape like Rentenversicherung, Health insurance, Arbeitgeberanteil, Taxes? How can the situation concerning company car solved legally? Pitfalls to watch out for?   Thanx Terra     Job Description Field Service Technician Full-Time – Hourly / Non-Exempt Location – Europe   Job Summary This position is responsible for all phases of field service support. While the primary focus of this position will be related to the machine tool sector of our business, *** is a dynamic Company and therefore the responsibilities and functions of this position will evolve as the Company continues to grow.   Core Responsibilities / Duties • Fully experienced field technician capable of installing and / or repairing of our complete product offering. This includes 30%-50% travel to customer facilities (could be on short notice). • Extensive experience in all forms of electrical / mechanical assembly, diagnosis, troubleshooting, machine operation, programming, maintenance and repair. • Provides support to customers via telephone, email, remote connection (i.e. Team Viewer), and the dispatch of replacement / repaired parts. • Establishes strong supportive relationships with our customers while promoting **** in a positive manner. • Follow up promptly with customers as necessary to ensure complete satisfaction. • Responsible for accurately quoting service jobs and parts. • Compiles and maintains centrally located, accurate documentation files pertaining to all aspects of service activity including entries in the CRM system. • Provides basic training to customers relating to machine operation, • Ensures that best practices are observed and utilized for electrical and general safety requirements. • Adheres to and meets strict production / repair schedules through personal time management, planning of tasks, coordinating any necessary support resources, parts/equipment availability, etc. • Interfaces with all departments as required assuring transfer of product quality issues / concerns inclusive of potential enhancements or cost savings schemes, recognized through daily operations of field service. • Provides any known information regarding potential new sales opportunities to the Sales Department. • Ensures that any specific information learned from customers, or while at customer sites, is held in confidence within *** and treated with discretion. • Performs other duties as assigned by management.   Education and Experience • Associate degree in electro / mechanical technology or equivalent job experience. • Must have and maintain a valid driver’s license. • Familiar with the operation of various optical and electronic test equipment including: Digital O-scope, Auto-Collimator, Interferometer, DVM, Chart Recorder, Frequency Analyzer, etc.   Competencies • Extremely strong analytical, diagnostic, and problem-solving skills. Must be willing and capable of pro-actively investigating and correcting complex technical problems on our complete product offering. • Professional demeanor and the ability to effectively function under high pressure conditions. • Good verbal, written, and computer skills. • Above average organizational skills, with a high level of efficiency, attention to detail, and sincerity in customer satisfaction. • Flexible and capable of working in a fast-paced environment with rapidly changing priorities.