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  1. So, here is the update:   They will either create a German legal entity in January, or use one the afformentioned pay-roll-services in D.   If got all the paperwork: Job description Federal anti-kickback act  Proprietary Information & Inventions Agreement Signed offer of employment   The "offer of employment" looks very contract like, but doesn't say "contract" anywhere. Their HR folks say that this is the contract.   Can anybody who knows the legal system in the US better than I do comment on that? What is the legal status of a signed "offer of employment"?   Thanx  Terra
  2. Well, oral agreement, but the red tape needs to be handled.   Please postpone the congrats till the ink is dry.   It ain't over till the fat lady sings.    
  3. Hi John,   Both contacts (intertax as mentioned by starshollow and expertise.tax as mentioned by you) have been forwarded to the company.
  4. Suspense, Suspense...  
  5. Yes, a payroll-service-provider will be used, basically as suggested by @Starshollow.   They already have one bloke in Asia and one the UK, so they are well aware of the situation (Living in A and being paid by a company in B).
  6. I came back from the job interview in the USA yesterday...   So, let's see how things work out, fingers crossed.  
  7. This is the situation: I will be abroad (outsite Europe) for at most 45 days/year. However, these service calls might be on very short notice.   Is there a way to set up an insurance for 45 days/year with a short notice activation option. As in "prepaid for 45 days/year and on call activation/on short notice activation"?   Thanx
  8. Thank you very much. Any further support is appreciated.   Thanx again.
  9. Thanx a lot.   I am still researching the other qestions. Any input is much appreciated.
  10. What does - from a U.S. American perspective - "Salary range: 12" mean?   Thanx for your help!
  11. old school car key cutting

    Do you still have a key? So you just want to duplicate a existent key? Where located in cologne?
  12. DAK, pflichtversichert.
  13. Adding another question:   What kind of additional health insurance for travels is suggested? As I'll be working and not vacationing abroad?
  14.   Thank you very much, Starshallow. This answers my question #2. Thanks again.   Left are now: What are the wages for a job like that in the USA (Job description is in post #1)? Somebody sent me a private message with the concern that "Associate degree" is a hint to a rather mineal payment, but the rest of the job description sounds hefty technical and not mineal at all...   How can the situation concerning company car solved legally?   Pitfalls to watch out for?   Thanx again Terra