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  1. De-Registration in Bremen

      Yes, I think I fall under "Visting researcher". My YMV covered the entire time I was there during my last visit and for my next visit in October I will have a study visa. Now, I understand that I need to de-register when I leave for good, but I want to make sure I won't get in trouble for not registering again when I return in October? I think it would be ok since I never de registered and am living in the same place but I don't know forsure as Germany is very different than Canda!
  2. De-Registration in Bremen

      Thank you for your reply. I entered on a youth mobitility visa and I was funded by a Canadian scholarship, so I did not work at all at the Uni or anywhere else during my time in Bremen, I was just visitng to conduct research. Before I enrolled as a student, I was required to get my health insurance checked/validated and a representative from AOK explained to me why I did not require public health insurance and that the insurance I had purchased was sufficient. 
  3. De-Registration in Bremen

    No, I purchased a private health insurance for my first visit and will purchase it again to cover the time for my second visit. Apparently, according to the university, since I'm a PhD student, I do not require public health insurance.
  4. Hi there,   I am a Canadian and I lived in Bremen from Feburary - June 2019, and I came home to Canada from July-October 2019, and I will return to Bremen in October 2019. I did not deregister before I left Bremen in June because I knew I would be coming back - is this ok? Or should i deregister now (I believe I can mail in the forms?), and register again when I go back? I had a visa for my first trip and will get a second visa for my next visit in October. When I return, I will be living in the same flat, just a different room - does this mean I need to register this as an address change?    Thanks for any help!! Becky