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  1. Move to South Bavaria???

      Thanks for the stoic input engelchen. We may be able to inherit some land house in the futurebut i dont want to take this for granted. Just to ask a simple question, how do those folk who rent with a basic job like building or office work afford to rent in retirement???
  2. Move to South Bavaria???

    Jeremytwo! Private school!? I'm a carpenter, not an investment banker!  They won't be going to private school don't worry! Thanks again for your input.  Regarding the Inlaw situation. We could live with the Inlaws for as long as we wish really. Probably rent free as well, till we get sorted and I find a job and pick up enough Bayerische/Deutsch to progress. So that's a massive help for us. Not many folk would have that stepping stone so we are lucky. Looking at it in my working class, rational mentality... In England we are content and comfortable. Our house although quite modest, will be paid off in about 5 years, I can earn around 35-40k a year comfortably without doing overtime. Do I as a father, want to risk this on moving to Bavaria, learn a new language and be out of my comfort zone etc for everything that Bavaria can give us. Mountains, clean air, lakes etc etc.  It's a tough one. The biggest thing that is killing us is that we feel torn between countries/friendships. We have drifted apart from friends here as a lot of them think we are going to move to Germany!!!  I suppose I should of foreseen this when I fell in love with a German girl 16 years ago!!! Once again I repeat people have a lot bigger problems in life, but though our problems are meaningless, it doesn't make them go away!! It's nice to speak to like minded people. Thanks for reading!
  3. Move to South Bavaria???

    Very funny Yesterday! Your sarcasm is oozing from the screen!!!  
  4. Move to South Bavaria???

    Sorry Somenones daughter. Yes I know it sounded vague! Never asked a stranger for advice before and am new to these forums. Biggest thing for us would be affording the property in Chiemsee area and schooling. And a lot of the other elements regarding practical things I can use the search bar. Thank you for replying
  5. Move to South Bavaria???

    Hi there, I know this is a very broad question whether to move to Germany or not!? Just looking for people's helpful opinions from their experiences etc. I am English, wife is Bavarian from Chiemsee. Both in our mid thirties. I am a carpenter she works in Pharma. 3 kids, ages 6,4 and 1. My German is not as good as it should be but am confident of learning pretty swiftly!! Any input on practical elements of Moving, kids schooling and property buying would be really helpful. Message me privately if required and i can give more details etc. Thanks again!