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  1. That's a new thing to know. Thanks @Fietsrad for sharing the information.
  2. Squash

    Hi @KevF, have you find a place for squashing? How much it cost?
  3. Hi guys! thanks for your time and your valuable suggestions. After this long discussion, I have come to an end that it is fine to take take some photos of beautiful and ugly mushrooms, but not a good idea to bring it to the kitchen. Because what my (and mostly others) experience of edible mushroom would be the source of google, and may be some youtube videos. But the true fact that, in field people would often mixed it up and although the mushroom could look alike to that one sold in super shops, it might be a wild and dangerous one. So better first take a lesson from the expert in the field and then go for this adventure. Happy Autumn to all of you. 
  4. Aha! I saw in Finland, the Finnish people enjoy a lot picking wild berries from the forest, and here the mushroom. It is true, the Germans probably consumes more mushroom than any other European nation. But too early in the morning!
  5. That is a good question, even many of my friends are also afraid about my this crazy idea of picking wild mushroom. But I am not much worried actually, because you may already seen some of the wild mushrooms in the supermarket, or in the farmer market. If you focus on those, and do a little google, I think you will be safe. 
  6. Hi,    As the harvesting season is going on in Germany, and the mushroom picking is out there, can anyone recommend some places where we can go search for mushroom? This is for just fun, and spend some time.    Thanks in advance!