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  1. aha! I read that article. Okay, if it helps the state, then I have no problem doing it. 
  2. I am a student in Germany, I do not have any property. So, my question, why should I answer zensus2022 and give them my information? Is this compulsory or optional? 
  3. Census 2022, surveys in person

    I received a letter from zensus2022 in my post box, and someone in person came to find me at my apartment. I was not at home at that time. What is this zensus2022? why I should give my personal information to them?
  4. Hi,   Recently I have had a problem with paying radio tax, so I was trying to call them. Unfortunately, each time I am trying to reach them by phone, and asking for assistance in English, there is no response. Of course, I cannot speak German.    I am also trying to reach them through online contact form, but it is asking for a 10-digit file number (Aktenzeichen), but I only have 9-digit Beitragsnummer.     Is there any third way I can reach them and describe my problem in English? 
  5. For details:  Rostock - Fishing licences
  6. Hi! I have recently moved to Rostock. I like to go out sometimes for fishing with basic fishing gears like Rod and Reel. I would like to know is there any fishing club for hobbyist? Also, what are the rules and regulations for fishing? I should definitely have a license, where could I apply for that?   Thanks!