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  1. hello, I commented on the other post yesterday, Regarding English speaking doctors or how can you hire an interpreter to go with you or to book an appointment for you. I came across this similar request so I am sharing my experience again because I know how difficult it gets when you cant book an appointment with a doctor or you don't understand the language he speaks. So, if you want someone to book an appointment for you or to go with you like an interpreter to help you understand the language. You can post a request on myhelpbuddy. its an online portal where you can post a request for the service you need like an interpreter or a handyman etc . and the qualified people will contact you. You can pick one that is okay for you as per the price and your problem is solved. Hope it helps. I am now a frequent user of their services. 
  2. English-speaking doctors in Berlin

    Hello every one, after reading all of your comments and with my experience I know how difficult it is to find an English speaking doctor in Germany. Last week I was very sick I could find a doctor. The Doctor I generally go to was giving me an appointment for the next month. I couldn't wait that long. So, i was in search of a quick option and with a doctor who could speak English. I was going through the Facebook groups when i found about the "myhelpbuddy" . I was desperate as I was not well. So i posted a request on their portal and with in a few hours with a help of a buddy I was able to book an appointment with a doctor and he also came with me for the appointment, just in case if anything needed to be translated in English from German. After That i found out they help in almost every service and they support all the internationals and expats who doesn't know the language. I hope it helps.