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  1. I'll be travelling to the UK 10th October - I have been very concerned that my vaccine status may be an issue as I am recovered + one shot AstraZeneca, both recorded in my ImfBuch. I also have certificates for both in my CovPas app - interestingly the single shot resulted in a certificate that states "1/1 Fully Vaccinated" - so my question is - do they consistently rely on the CovPas app to check vaccination status when entering the UK? If so will my "Fully Vaccinated" status in this app be enough even though according to the strict interpretation of current regs, I'm not UK-level vaccinated? Keen to avoid quarantine, but also keen to avoid being stopped from getting on the flight!
  2. CovPas app when travelling to the UK

    Thank you - yes it is the same on my app - that is where I was seeing the details I was quoting above, 1 of 1 (me)  or 2 of 2 (wife and daughter) - mine was Astra, theirs I think Moderna, but I'd have to double check. I suspected that no one would dig into the details as you suggest - but from a previous poster it seems I would have to lie on the passenger locator form to get to that point which I don't feel is the right thing to do. 
  3. CovPas app when travelling to the UK

    The vaccination I had was AstraZeneca, my wife and daughter something else (I don't remember what right now)
  4. CovPas app when travelling to the UK

    I have been trying to reply to the questions and replies and clarify my question. If that came across as repeating myself, I didn't make myself clear and I apologise. It is I guess a fairly technical detail that I'm digging into, and it probably isn't of much interest to many. I didn't state that it said they had been vaccinated twice. Again, probably me not making myself clear - it is simply that I wondered why the single certificate I had seemed to imply I only needed one shot and had had that one, whilst my wife and daughter had a single certificate that showed a full dose was two that they had two even though they had had one. It looks like it is probably different ways of presenting the same thing - that we are considered fully vaccinated. I'll see if I can get you a screen shot if you are still interested.
  5. CovPas app when travelling to the UK

      Thanks for the reply - that is extremely useful - fortunately my daughter is under 18 so looks like she escapes the extra test and quarantine, but I'm aware I'll need to succumb! Will be trying to get day 5 test-to-release in order to do at least a few things whilst over there. Thanks again for helping.
  6. CovPas app when travelling to the UK

    Lovely :(
  7. CovPas app when travelling to the UK

    It wasn't so much the "fully vaccinated" that I was interested in, it was the 1/1 (mine) and 2/2 (theirs) - looking at the detail of the certificate theirs say "Vaccine dose 2 of 2" whilst mine says "Vaccine dose 1 of 1" - but I never said they showed dates and times of two vaccinations, only that both seemed to show a full course, and mine seemed especially odd - but you are welcome to leave it - I know the rules and wasn't planning on breaking them once it was clear that they are unambiguous. 
  8. CovPas app when travelling to the UK

     No - I'm wondering what the process was that led to my wife and daughter ending up with a 2/2 whilst I had 1/1 and also genuinely interested to hear from people if the certificate is the proof that they are being asked for, if so is that 1/1 or 2/2 relevant, and so on. I am not someone who breaks rules if I can help it, I go out of my way to obey them even when there is a good chance I wouldn't get "caught" - if as it seems the regulations are clear, it is clear what I need to put on the passenger locator form and what tests I need to book. My curiosity around the process remains  
  9. CovPas app when travelling to the UK

    I understand why I'm considered vaccinated - I have the "recovered" cert as well as the "vaccinated" cert. But it is a bit intriguing given that both my wife and daughter had covid, recovered, had one shot and their "vaccinated" certificates say 2/2 not 1/1 - so clearly there is something to be intrigued about I think  
  10. CovPas app when travelling to the UK

    Thanks - that does indeed seem to be the rule - my question is how will they check that - given that the certificate I have says "fully vaccinated"? My question is about the certificate and what is actually checked and how?
  11. CovPas app when travelling to the UK

    Thanks for the reply - but I would assume (I know, I know...) that those checking before boarding must be checking the rules that apply at the destination? Otherwise what are they checking? I will be carrying print outs (it was that print out that had the QR code that I used to get the certificate into the phone in the first place) - what I find intriguing is that certificate states 1/1 - fully vaccinated - even though Astra needs 2 - I think the certificate has been tweaked because I am also recovered. My wife and daughter also recovered + one vax (different vaccine) have certs that show 2/2 even though they only got one! Confusion reigns.
  12. Thanks - one things that is not as bad as feared is that since my daughter is under 17 she won't be subject to the day 8 test and quarantine. I'm going to have to consider the day 5 "test to release" in order to stick to our plans though. Money money money!  
  13. Maybe someone can confirm what I suspect and that I'm not going mad. A few weeks ago I finally felt it was OK to book to visit my parents back in the UK, and let them see their much missed grand-daughter. We are both considered vaccinated here in Germany, being recovered plus one vaccine shot, but of course not vaccinated in the UK. Since Netherlands was at the time amber, we chose not to use the ferry (normal route) but to fly direct as Germany was green so vaccine status didn't matter. Due travel 10th Oct (autumn school holiday here) - so today I check the upcoming rules. Scrapping of amber, sounds great. But now the requirement to be vaccinated is across the board. So our plans appear to be shot. Not considered vaccinated in the UK means having additional rip off day 8 tests, plus we can't leave my parents house unless we test to release. Am I going mad or has the ground shifted under us?