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  1. Hi, I've been living for some time in Germany for now and I have public health insurance in TK.   I haven't needed a doctor until now and I would like to know how to get to a specialist appointment. I'm dealing with a specific problem I am very aware of and only specialist can help me, so there's no use of GP(General practitioner).   1. Do i need a referral letter from the GP to get appointment with specialist doctor and coverage of required treatments by insurance? - This would be the primary goal. 2. If the GP will not issue me a referral letter, how easy it is to swap the GP, will I be tied somehow? 3. With a referral letter, can I visit 2 specialist doctors for second opinions? Or do i have to get another referral from the doctor? 4. To get to the GP appointment, do I need to register myself to their patient list, or I can just use their service once? 5. Do i need to find a GP near my residential location or the system is connected throughout the country? I'm located in Cologne and the specialist doctor is also in Cologne, so if I use GP in e.g. Berlin, how is that considered? 6. Is the a way to have the GP visit "virtual", like an online appointment or something? Do you know any GP doctors who offer this service?   Thanks  
  2. Getting to specialist doctor's appointment

      Thank you, that solved my problem.   I've now got an appointment for the specialist doctor. Both TK and doctors office confirmed that I don't need a referral from the GP.   Thank you all for the information, all the answers were very helpful.