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  1. Hi, I've been living for some time in Germany for now and I have public health insurance in TK.   I haven't needed a doctor until now and I would like to know how to get to a specialist appointment. I'm dealing with a specific problem I am very aware of and only specialist can help me, so there's no use of GP(General practitioner).   1. Do i need a referral letter from the GP to get appointment with specialist doctor and coverage of required treatments by insurance? - This would be the primary goal. 2. If the GP will not issue me a referral letter, how easy it is to swap the GP, will I be tied somehow? 3. With a referral letter, can I visit 2 specialist doctors for second opinions? Or do i have to get another referral from the doctor? 4. To get to the GP appointment, do I need to register myself to their patient list, or I can just use their service once? 5. Do i need to find a GP near my residential location or the system is connected throughout the country? I'm located in Cologne and the specialist doctor is also in Cologne, so if I use GP in e.g. Berlin, how is that considered? 6. Is the a way to have the GP visit "virtual", like an online appointment or something? Do you know any GP doctors who offer this service?   Thanks