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  1. Dear Berliners,   does Berliner Wasserbetriebe charges a monthly cost just for the connection?   Because me and my girlfriend bought a place that will need a lot of renovations. We cannot live there yet and we are receiving a bill of 50€ every 2 months. We are not using any water, and even closed the water meter now that the bills arrived. I do not see any "menge" in the bill. Or this value is just an estimation based on the consumption of the previous owner?
  2. How much Heizöl left on the tank?

    Thank you all for the answers and suggestions. Now I know that the white needle is the real value. At least the forecast is that the oil price should be decreasing.
  3. I would like to know how much diesel is left on the tank?   The tank has 1,5 meter sides. Full it would take 1500 liters. I just moved in and don't know if now it is almost empty or if is has 750 liters remaining.