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  1. Thank you all for the replies,I hope my owner understands the situation.
  2. Hello Leute,   Is 65000 euros a good salary for a 9 years experience software engineer in  Deggendorf ,Germany?     Thanks, ajaj
  3. Hello Guys,    I came to Germany on June 2019 and joined a company ,Starting August 2019 the company said they are not able to find a suitable project and they told me to serve notice period which will end in September mid ,Now the problem is i have signed a rental contract and it will end in Dec.   in this case What should i do ,How to cancel the contract if i  do not want to pay the rent for remaining months ? P.S. I cannot get unemployment insurance also because i have worked only for 2 months here.   Please HELP.   Thanks, ajaj
  4. Room Available in a shared apartment(Fully Furnished) in Raunheim, 65479 ,Frankfurt from 1st September for long term.   Rent : 600 euros including everything Deposit : 900 euros   Very near to Rewe, S bahn(5-7 mins walk). 2 stops from Frankfurt Flughafen.(10 mins)   Utilities: 1) Kitchen 2) Dishwasher 3) Washing Machine 4) 2 Bathrooms 5) Wifi   If interested ,Please mail me on jha.ashwini1987@gmail.com