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  1. Hey all,   As the title reads, I need a medical clearance (with a certificate) from a hospital in regards to Coronavirus.   Does anyone know how I can get this? 
  2. Moving boxes / shipping boxes exchange

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for one large box that can be posted with DHL around the size 1200x600x600. Living in Sendling please PM.
  3. I don't think so. 
  4. I don't know what legal insurance is... I mean i can speculate based on the obvious name but if I don't know I think I don't have it.
  5. That's interesting. Legally shouldn't they pay me my vacation? And where can I find info on this  
  6. (the average length of employment at this company is 8 months)
  7. I'm being paid until the four weeks notice they gave me has run out. I've been there for 5 months, probation is 3 in our company. Edit: Notice period is four weeks. They are using 10.5 days of my vacation. Thats two weeks taken by my vacation entitlement. In my opinion they should pay me my vacation. They haven't given my a reason for termination and if I wasn't planning on quitting next month I would fight that. But all I want now is what I'm entitled to.  
  8. No I was not fired during my probation.
  9. I'm sorry they have also informed me I'm not required to attend work during the notice period. They have told me my outstanding vacation days will be used during my notice period that they decided I would not work during.
  10. Hello Toytown community. As the title says, I have been fired without reason and they are using my vacation as part of my notice period pay. I'm of course not happy that I lose my vacation but am unsure of the German laws surrounding this. Is it possible to have vacations payed when employment end or would I lose them. I would like to talk to an employment lawyer but am worried about the cost of fighting this when I don't mind that the employment has ended this company is dodgy anyway, I would just like what I'm entitled to.   Thank you for all responses.
  11. Hello Toytown community. Can anyone offer advice as to where I can find workers rights for hotel staff. I have my contract but now need information about what Bavarian or Munich rules are for some things, such as, minimum notice that needs to be given to change a roster.    Thank you.
  12. Contract Help Translation/Interpretation

    No commision. Again thank you.
  13. Contract Help Translation/Interpretation

    Thank you so much for your quick and accurate reply. I'm in Munich if my employer pays me wrong who can I go to to report/get help from?
  14. Hi all,   I have a friend who has an employment contract with a confusing detail in it. What's confusing is the overtime part, it's understood that overtime can be taken as time off but it's not clear at what rate it should be paid if payment is preferred. In one clause the contract says:   Mehrarbeitszeit ist zu vergüten und auf Wunsch des Arbeitnehmers in Freizeit auszugleichen. Als Ausgleichszeiten sind nur ganze Tage, halbe Tage sowie um mindestens eine Stunde verkürzte Tagesarbeitszeiten zulässig. Der Mehrarbeitszuschlag ist mit 35 % von 1/169 des Monatsentgeltes zu errechnen.   And another it says:   4)    Für Umsatzbeteiligte gelten die Absätze 1 bis 3 entsprechend. Für sie ist Mehrarbeit abgegolten, wenn die monatliche Umsatzbeteiligung den Garantielohn zuzüglich Mehrarbeitsvergütung und Mehrarbeitszuschlag übersteigt.   What's confusing is the use of the word "Mehrarbeitszuschlag" and "Mehrarbeitsvergütung" . Is the Mehrarbeitszuschlag an extra 35% on top of normal hourly pay that is added as overtime or is overtime only paid a 35% of the hourly wage?   Thank you everyone who takes the time to reply. And for those that can private message I can send the whole contract. Thank you.