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  1. Physiotherapy requests

    I'm to start physiotherapy tomorrow and thought a bra top and cycling shorts type pants would be appropriate.  On checking this with the clinic I've been told that I will be required to remove all of my clothing.  The exercises are for my leg and foot so I questioned their request but it seems that this is their requirement.  Is this now the norm?  
  2. Physiotherapy requests

    This is why I can not understand their request.  After I broke my arm I received physio and had to remove my bra  but i could keep my knickers on. I'll talk to them before we start
  3. Be careful buying/selling on Vinted

    You also need to be careful using the secure payment method on these sites. I nearly got scammed, luckily my WiFi was slow and I was alerted in time. We contacted the police, banks etc. Apparently its a new scam where the scammers try to get your bank details.  Its used when trying to sell. They tell you that they have paid into the secure system  and it appears that you are talking to the sites chat line
  4. Regulation on Dangerous Dogs

    I would report it. I do not believe that they have papers stating the dog can roam unleashed. However you must be careful taking videos of people. The dog is a different matter.
  5. Physiotherapy requests

    Just as I thought,  thank you.  I shall talk with them and if we can not come to an agreement I will search for another clinic
  6. Physiotherapy requests

    They are working on my lower leg and foot! 
  7. Post apparently held by zoll frankfurt

    My bank will only post to my uk contact address. I'll  look into fed ex. I reckon if it went via normal bog standard post I'd have had it by now. The first one sent was taken by someone within the post system uk and an attempt was made to use it.  It can be used until I activate it
  8. Hi I was sent a new bank card by royal mail international end to end tracking. Posted on 6th May, left uk on 8th and then nothing. My bank now wants to cancel the card. royal mail say its being held by customs with nothing concrete to back this up. Apparently my private letter from my bank is to be opened. Deutsche post say they do not have my letter and its still in uk. Does anyone have any advice on how to find my letter.  Would contacting zoll at frankfurt airport do any good, if so does anyone have an email or address.  Thank you
  9. vaccination experience

    yesterday we had our jabs. we went along well informed and also armed with a letter from my GP why I could not have one of the vaccinations due to allergies. I also have an infected tooth and i assumed the doctor would discuss this with me as i was feeling a little unwell. we knew from friends in various parts of Germany that we would fill out a form and have a chat with the doctor who would discuss the information on the forms and explain any misgivings that we had. My form had my allergy written in capital letters and my GP also explained in her letter that i had a severe allergy to one of the ingredients of one of the vaccinations. Our reality was that once we were given the forms we were told to hurry up because the doctor was waiting. The couple that came after us were told that they could fill theirs in later. when we eventually went into the cubicle there was no discussion, the doctor didn´t even look at the forms and i had to put my GP´s letter under his nose after i refused to remove my coat and roll up my sleeve. At that point he did go away to check my information and the other vaccination was brought in. we then went to collect out paperwork. All was good.  Afterwards we were told to sit for 10 minutes but there were no toilets that we could use. Shortly afterwards i started vomiting and struggling to breath. At this point i was told that i could sit outside and remove my mask which was a bit messy. I agree with vaccination. We need to get back to reality. However everyone sitting in the room afterwards were shocked that they were being treated like cattle in a market. i live in a very rural area and people had to travel for some distance to get to the centre but we didn´t deserve that