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  1. selling provision free

    Hi, we are on the move again ! This time my husband wants to sell provision free as we already have a buyer.   I am wary. What is provision free exactly and what are the costs to us
  2. selling provision free

    Yes lived here the whole time, in fact barely set foot across the door!!.
  3. selling provision free

    thats great news
  4. selling provision free

    Does anyone know about this capital gains tax. We bought a dump cheaply and spent lockdown doing renovations, including a new boiler, carport, sorted gardens etc etc. its now beautiful. Its been valued quite a lot more for resale. we´ve only been in 14 months and now my husband has been relocated again !!!
  5. selling provision free

    we live in a village where houses up for sale are like rocking horse muck. this guy missed out on the one next door and is now interested in ours. hence verbal acceptance. i think here the estate agent fees are split 1. something for seller and 6. something to buyer.As long as its just about these fees i´m happy. we need a quick sale because the seller of the new place can´t wait forever
  6. mahnverfahren help

    Hi, i ordered 2 items from amazon. Amazon cancelled one of the orders and paid the other. However when they cancelled 1 order they cancelled my payment for both. They did not ask my bank for the 5,98. Then they sent me an invoice for the item €5,98 plus a charge of €3 from their debt collection service. I paid thinking that the error was mine. I was given 2 weeks to pay which i did straight away but on the next day I received a reminder. I wrote and told them that it was paid but again on the following day i not only had a reminder but also a threat of legal proceedings being started. Again i told them that i had paid. On the day after this they finally accepted that i had paid. I thought that this was the end until i placed another order. Amazon told me that my bank details that i have used for the last 12 years were no longer accepted. I used another bank and denied. Amazon told me that they would now only accept a credit card, so i tried this. Refused again. not only that amazon went through my shopping basket and removed the items i have their. They also cancelled my music account but restored it after i pointed out that i have paid for that music. I asked why, and that is when i was told that i am now going through mahnverfahren or Mahnprozess  !! yesterday i tried to buy phone credit for the first time with my new sim card. My bank details were refused. We have checked with all my banks and at no time have they refused an amazon payment, in fact they do not understand this. we telephoned amazon who say they can not discuss it as its covered with data protection. Obviously we will speak with my bank tomorrow, but what else can i do please ?
  7. mahnverfahren help

    Amazon have admitted they were at fault and have said they will refund the money that they took from me. we´ll see. After that i bought something small and again they said that the bank rejected the payment but they were paid and sent the item. something seriously wrong with that place
  8. mahnverfahren help

    I am not buying anything from Amazon again. My worries are about my bank details not being accepted to buy pay as you go credit for my new SIM card
  9. mahnverfahren help

    They won't let me order anything. They empty my basket before I get to check out. Nothing is expensive
  10. mahnverfahren help

    Normal bank account first, they told me I needed to use a credit card from now on but they refused that too
  11. Inkasso

    hi, last night we recieved a reminder bill for dyke clearing  in my husbands name and an inkasso for not paying it in my name. Apparently we received the original bill in May but we didn't recieve it. We are sticklers for paying bills as soon as we recieve them. Of course we paid the inkasso last night. We tried to talk to the stadt this morning but they were not interested.  Obviously we have had to pay inkasso fees. We were told that this was an annual donation that we should have automatically paid in May and that the bill that we didn't receive in May was a first reminder.  We have only been in this house for 10 months and were not aware of these donations. The dyke clearing being one of a few. Can anyone explain why I got the inkasso for my husband's bill
  12. Inkasso

    They have admitted that it was an error, but not their department, of course. Apparently it happens a lot. Annoyingly, we are on the border of two stadts and we got a second bill from the other. We've paid that one also. The dykes have had nothing done to them and people in the village say they've not been touched for years! 
  13. vodafone issues

    No , we spoke to a vodafone representative on facebook who contacted head office who in turn contacted the shop and arranged our new gigacube. the shop had to apologise. the facebook representitve also apologised which wasn´t needed as he didn´t do anything other than be really helpful. We spole to the police at the station, but they said that although vodafone could not keep the licence, we must also return the borrowed one. However vodafone head office themselves stepped in and resolved this is a couple of days  
  14. vodafone issues

    Move to rural area an were told that all we could have for communication was vodafone gigacube at over €46/ month. this was Feb 2019 It didn´t work well , went back to shop and were told we needed to buy an antenna. did this, still not good and were told there was nothing to be done. We managed. In August this year it finally packed up and we returned to the shop who sent it away. We had to rely on mobile data. The service engineer spoke to us and said it was faulty and a new one was in the post. It didn´t arrive, went back to shop who said that we would not have a new one but our old one was being repaired. We borrowed an old unit from the shop but my husband had to leave his drivers licence. This old unit is a bit hit and miss but better that nothing. My husband spoke with the service engineer again who said our unit was not being repaired but the shop must give us a new one. The shop refuses unless we sign a new 2 year contract. They refuse to return my husbands drivers license and we are still paying out €46,21 /b month plus extra mobile data. The shop still say we can only have a replacement if we sign a new 2 year contract even though our old contract is still running. We have contacted head office who can not help. In fact no one can help.  Any advice please
  15. vodafone issues

    No , we spoke to a vodafone representative on facebook who contacted head office who in turn contacted the shop and arranged our new gigacube. the shop had to apologise. the facebook representitve also apologised which wasn´t needed as he didn´t do anything other than be really helpful  
  16. vodafone issues

    No , we spoke to a vodafone representative on facebook who contacted head office who in turn contacted the shop and arranged our new gigacube. the shop had to apologise. the facebook representitve also apologised which wasn´t needed as he didn´t do anything other than be really helpful  
  17. vodafone issues

    It was a proper vodafone shop. I think this is why we got the apology. When dealing with vodafone online we got things sorted. The young girl couldn´t be bothered and the lad although he started to be helpful, turned obstinate once he had the drivers license. We now have our permanent gigacube, a written apology and everything is sorted. We just need to find out which is best for nordsee to make the change. We have no cable running though the village and apparently TKom can not offer a service. I am certain though that the previous owner had TKom. We can not have a landline according to vodafone, yet the previous owner did have one. He also left with a million euro worth of debt and we do tend to find companies are reluctant to deal with us yet
  18. vodafone issues

    D you know if they work well in Nordsee because that shounds a good deal. we have already changed our handys from vodafone to netto which is cheaper and working brilliantly
  19. vodafone issues

    When my husband tried the girl shop assistant went to hit my husband and thought better a split second before making contact. She has apologised for that
  20. vodafone issues

    the shop staff wanted us to take out a new contract 6 months before our present one ran out. they were totally wrong and have had to apologise to us. we will leave vodafone when our contract runs out
  21. vodafone issues

    vodafone sent us a new temporary gigacube, we returned the old borrowed one. the licence was returned and the shop staff had to apologise first for keeping the licence and secondly for the aggressive behaviour where the girl raised her hand to my husbands face. Our new permanent  gigacube  is in the post. We have left vodafone on our pay as you go on our handys and we will leave vodafone for our internet once the contract has finished. Result!
  22. vodafone issues

    The police say that we must return the borrowed gigacube and sort out with Vodafone but the shop must return the license
  23. vodafone issues

    My husband is on way home to do just that.
  24. vodafone issues

    So we have just come from Vodafone. They absolutely refuse to return the driving license unless we return the box we borrowed and sign up for another 2 year contract even though we are still in a Vodafone contact. The assistant was very rude. He says that the fact we have no gigacube is not his problem or Vodafone's problem. He is not replacing our faulty box and he is not returning the driving license
  25. vodafone issues

    Ive written to vodafone head office, i´m talking to vodafone via FB chat.  the only one who talks sense is the service manager but he doesn´t have any say when it comes to the shop