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  1. English inheritance law

    Spoke to the solicitor today.  She's not spoken to or advised my sister. For some reason the death certificate has not been produced to release the will. I have stated that I will not give up executor nor will I pass over full.power. 
  2. English inheritance law

    The solicitor is meant to be taking the estate to probate. A hold up with the death certificate means that the will will be released this week.  I have been asked to sign over responsibilities which I have not done. Apparently the solicitor and my sister have been working together and excluding me. Apparently the solicitor has told my sister to put the money into her own account and to have the valuation of items done herself.  Later today I will be speaking with the solicitor. Restrictions aren't going to last forever and I will get back to UK this year 
  3. English inheritance law

    Now my sister is putting all of the estate funds into her bank account.  I am still being told to stay out of it. The solicitor has voiced her concerns over my sisters actions, telling me that she doesn't understand what needs to be done.  I'm being asked to allow my sister to sign for everything to speed things on. I'm happy to do this if it's done correctly. As for our relationship,  she has told us that we are immigrants who have abandoned their country and we have no rights.  Enough said!
  4. English inheritance law

    The estate has been left to both of us equally except for a few minor bequests. However she has been giving items away. She feels that she need not discuss it with me because she will deal with it. I feel like I have just lost a sister as well as mum
  5. English inheritance law

    We are joint executors but I am in Germany and my sister in UK. She is trying to exclude me. She is also refusing my entry to mum's house if and when I can get there. She has been giving items away. She tells me that expensive items like classic cars are worthless. I have found out today that they are quite valuable. 
  6. English inheritance law

    Tell me about it! I've contacted the solicitors in UK and they are surprised that my sister asked me to do this though they tell me it is perfectly correct to release the will. However I am to receive a copy
  7. English inheritance law

    Is there anyone who can answer a question about wills and joint executors in UK. I am here and joint executor with my sister in UK for my mother's will. I've been told from day one that it has nothing to do with me until I was asked by my sister to write to the solicitors releasing the will to her. It seems that we are to share the estate. My German lawyer friend thinks this is very unprofessional of the UK solicitors and questions if they actually asked my sister to tell me to write this letter
  8. selling provision free

    Yes lived here the whole time, in fact barely set foot across the door!!.
  9. selling provision free

    thats great news
  10. selling provision free

    Does anyone know about this capital gains tax. We bought a dump cheaply and spent lockdown doing renovations, including a new boiler, carport, sorted gardens etc etc. its now beautiful. Its been valued quite a lot more for resale. we´ve only been in 14 months and now my husband has been relocated again !!!
  11. selling provision free

    we live in a village where houses up for sale are like rocking horse muck. this guy missed out on the one next door and is now interested in ours. hence verbal acceptance. i think here the estate agent fees are split 1. something for seller and 6. something to buyer.As long as its just about these fees i´m happy. we need a quick sale because the seller of the new place can´t wait forever
  12. selling provision free

    Hi, we are on the move again ! This time my husband wants to sell provision free as we already have a buyer.   I am wary. What is provision free exactly and what are the costs to us
  13. mahnverfahren help

    Amazon have admitted they were at fault and have said they will refund the money that they took from me. we´ll see. After that i bought something small and again they said that the bank rejected the payment but they were paid and sent the item. something seriously wrong with that place
  14. mahnverfahren help

    I am not buying anything from Amazon again. My worries are about my bank details not being accepted to buy pay as you go credit for my new SIM card
  15. mahnverfahren help

    They won't let me order anything. They empty my basket before I get to check out. Nothing is expensive