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  1. English inheritance law

    this is in hand and i have been looking for solicitors. I am keeping all whatsapp messages and emails as proof of what is going on and i also have saved a facebook status where a family member has been tasked with selling valuable items (  undeclared) at auction. I had actually been blocked from this status but it was seen by another family member
  2. English inheritance law

    I do need to be present to sign for executor account? Do I need to sign for the funds being released to beneficiaries. I have talked to a couple of banks and they all say that they don't deal with executor accounts. I feel that if I can have a uk solicitor act on my behalf my problems will be reduced. I need to check on the new laws. I'm not totally convinced that our probate lawyer is fully informed when she says that an appointed attorney can only work for both of us
  3. English inheritance law

    The paperwork has been handed to probate lawyer to apply for grant of Probate. I'm hoping that this will take longer and allow me to get to uk unrestricted.  Again my sister tell me that I must be in attendance to sign anything. On the day mother died I was told that I was to receive nothing. It hurt but I accepted that. I only knew that I was joint beneficiary/executor when It came about that I had to sign to release the will. I wasn't included in the funeral and I am forbidden to contact the solicitor.  Of course I do and I get the angry messages afterwards.  I have been told that it is the solicitor who has said my being an executor is a problem.  The solicitor says it's not. I am trying to find a uk solicitor who will at least answer one question before I proceed 
  4. English inheritance law

    this is in hand and i have been looking for solicitors. I am keeping all whatsapp messages and emails as proof of what is going on and i also have saved a facebook status where a family member has been tasked with selling valuable items (  undeclared) at auction. I had actually been blocked from this status but it was seen by another family member
  5. English inheritance law

    I have written to the probate office but as yet no one has replied
  6. English inheritance law

    I asked about this and the probate lawyer told me that the law had recently changed weaning that an appointed attorney would have to be agreed by all executors and would have to work for all executors. Guess what, my sister refused
  7. English inheritance law

    says my sister. I have tried to talk to the probate lawyer but she is making it very clear that she is working for both of us and will only reply to both of us. she has told both of us that an executor account needs opening and final accounts made. an executor account requires both of us signing. whenever i question anything my sister threatens to upset elderly relatives and hold up the whole process. i´m hoping with covid restrictions relaxing, i can return to uk and try and sort some things out. however my sister is refusing to allow me into the property and i suspect won´t "be available" for any important signing. with testing, hotels and loss of wages a trip over is set to cost over 2000
  8. English inheritance law

    I have asked that the probate lawyer deals with everything but apparently this must be agreed by all executors and guess what, my sister is refusing
  9. English inheritance law

    probate not granted yet. she has just put the money into her own account claiming that the probate lawyer told her too. In fact the probate lawyer has pointed out that the monies must be in a separate account and be accountable. the probate lawyer is young and new to the game and obviously want an easy time of it. Biggest problem is that she won´t talk to me alone and whenever she replies she replies to both of us which then results in my receiving nasty emails and threats to upset elderly relatives plus the promise to make the whole process go slower. ie not sell the property
  10. English inheritance law

    papers for probate are now in. I have proof that not all of the assets have been valued for probate. I am still stuck overseas. I have received threats from a couple of relatives, all recorded. Obviously to take power reserved would be easier but it has been calculated that approx 35,000 has been taken from the estate so keeping my place as executor is my only way to control this. Solicitor is not interested, probate office not responded.  I have asked for details of accounting but this has been refused with " how dare you accuse me of theft" actually all i am asking is that as co executor i am informed. So a new question. We get to having a  joint executor account, which we must both sign for. I must travel to uk for this. Are both signatures required to release monies from the account when the time comes.
  11. English inheritance law

    The death certificate was delayed due to covid.  However the hospital did issue a notification of death to my sister almost straight away.  This was paperwork that was denied by my sister many times. It was also enough for me to be given a temporary residency which would have allowed me to travel to UK to attend my mother's funeral and also deal with the estate as executor.  The LAB here did not believe my sisters claims that no such paperwork was given but without it their hands were tied.  I am gutted that I was lied to.  We now have an appointment for residency at the end of April.   Again I have been asked to give control to my sister and take power reserved.  We have both asked the solicitor to take it to probate.  Paperwork can be posted to me to sign and when we have our residency I can travel to UK.  Being able to attend my mother's funeral has been taken from me. I can never have that time back. Somehow I have to move forward from this. Tonight I feel so low. I now know that I am worthless to my sister. Having control is far more important 
  12. English inheritance law

    Spoke to the solicitor today.  She's not spoken to or advised my sister. For some reason the death certificate has not been produced to release the will. I have stated that I will not give up executor nor will I pass over full.power. 
  13. English inheritance law

    The solicitor is meant to be taking the estate to probate. A hold up with the death certificate means that the will will be released this week.  I have been asked to sign over responsibilities which I have not done. Apparently the solicitor and my sister have been working together and excluding me. Apparently the solicitor has told my sister to put the money into her own account and to have the valuation of items done herself.  Later today I will be speaking with the solicitor. Restrictions aren't going to last forever and I will get back to UK this year 
  14. English inheritance law

    Now my sister is putting all of the estate funds into her bank account.  I am still being told to stay out of it. The solicitor has voiced her concerns over my sisters actions, telling me that she doesn't understand what needs to be done.  I'm being asked to allow my sister to sign for everything to speed things on. I'm happy to do this if it's done correctly. As for our relationship,  she has told us that we are immigrants who have abandoned their country and we have no rights.  Enough said!
  15. English inheritance law

    The estate has been left to both of us equally except for a few minor bequests. However she has been giving items away. She feels that she need not discuss it with me because she will deal with it. I feel like I have just lost a sister as well as mum