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  1. vodafone issues

    It was a proper vodafone shop. I think this is why we got the apology. When dealing with vodafone online we got things sorted. The young girl couldn´t be bothered and the lad although he started to be helpful, turned obstinate once he had the drivers license. We now have our permanent gigacube, a written apology and everything is sorted. We just need to find out which is best for nordsee to make the change. We have no cable running though the village and apparently TKom can not offer a service. I am certain though that the previous owner had TKom. We can not have a landline according to vodafone, yet the previous owner did have one. He also left with a million euro worth of debt and we do tend to find companies are reluctant to deal with us yet
  2. vodafone issues

    D you know if they work well in Nordsee because that shounds a good deal. we have already changed our handys from vodafone to netto which is cheaper and working brilliantly
  3. vodafone issues

    When my husband tried the girl shop assistant went to hit my husband and thought better a split second before making contact. She has apologised for that
  4. vodafone issues

    the shop staff wanted us to take out a new contract 6 months before our present one ran out. they were totally wrong and have had to apologise to us. we will leave vodafone when our contract runs out
  5. vodafone issues

    vodafone sent us a new temporary gigacube, we returned the old borrowed one. the licence was returned and the shop staff had to apologise first for keeping the licence and secondly for the aggressive behaviour where the girl raised her hand to my husbands face. Our new permanent  gigacube  is in the post. We have left vodafone on our pay as you go on our handys and we will leave vodafone for our internet once the contract has finished. Result!
  6. vodafone issues

    The police say that we must return the borrowed gigacube and sort out with Vodafone but the shop must return the license
  7. vodafone issues

    My husband is on way home to do just that.
  8. vodafone issues

    So we have just come from Vodafone. They absolutely refuse to return the driving license unless we return the box we borrowed and sign up for another 2 year contract even though we are still in a Vodafone contact. The assistant was very rude. He says that the fact we have no gigacube is not his problem or Vodafone's problem. He is not replacing our faulty box and he is not returning the driving license
  9. vodafone issues

    Ive written to vodafone head office, i´m talking to vodafone via FB chat.  the only one who talks sense is the service manager but he doesn´t have any say when it comes to the shop  
  10. vodafone issues

    we are in a rural area but moved here under contract with vodafone. they can not supply broadband or a home telephone but refused to release us. our only option was this gigacube. As we will be moving again in 18 months its not in our interest to get into another 2 year contract so decided to see out this 2 year contract and then opt for one more year. They are a nightmare. Very rude in the shop. Vodafone are now saying that if we stop paying for our contract they will take legal action. I pointed out that they are not holding to their side and the reply is that they can´t help us. they do admit that the shop should not have taken the drivers licence but we have to return the shops property to get it back. I asked about our property, ie, the gigacube and apparently its been thrown out  
  11. vodafone issues

    i think we must return on monday and do this. If they refuse then we must call the police to the shop. They have new units in the shop. the service engineer has said our has a fault and that we are due for a new one anyway. we are dealing with "Frau I´m bored with this job" and "Herr can´t be bothered"
  12. vodafone issues

    All they would do this morning is show my husband his license. we are hardly going to steal an old gigacube while we are paying 46 a month. 
  13. vodafone issues

    I have contacted vodafone on FB , even they say taking the license is illegal
  14. vodafone issues

    They wanted his passport but thats been returned for renewal. They are taking over €46 a month from us so you would think that was enough. The attitude is that they couldn´t care less unless we start a new contract. I say if they can not fulfil the contract that we have then they should let us go  
  15. Accused of selling damaged goods

    I sold on FB market place. the buyer has been reported to the police and she did then return the original box but not the accessories. Paypal have written and i may get my money returned. She been reported to FB also not that they bother