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  1. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    Didn't come here to be judged. Discuss what emergency it was or why we need dog care. Thank you for the links. The kennels will be investigated.  J suggest some off you look to yourselves before criticising others 
  2. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    we normally use 2 friends. 2 dogs with each friend. that is always a possibility. However we have moved 5 hours drive away, they are not always available. we are looking into local people and have a visit booked with one lady. Then theres the 4 dogs           problem..have you noticed that when someone has 4 or in our case 5 kids, people say, oh what a lovely family. FOUR dogs and we get comments like, how do you cope, how do you keep your house clean, why 4?. People do not like to take on 4 dogs for overnight care. The eldest dog has some minor health issues and people don´t like to take on sick dogs. the excuses are endless. we have looked into a new ferry route. longer on the ferry but less driving. the dogs travel well. At least that way I will know exactly how my dogs will be treated
  3. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    kennel owner has now telephoned my husband with a 3rd story. she has also contacted me on facebook after searching me, she is also emailing. she has  threatened legal action if we tell anyone of this "untrue story". The lady doth protest too much, me thinks! all we have asked was if she could shed any light on the presence of this tablet. we have not mentioned drugging or medicating our dogs at all. these words have come from her mouth. with the 3rd phone call from her we have made an official complaint. apart from the vet and the officials we have not mentioned this womans name or the kennels involved. however friends of ours do know where our dogs have been. With elderly relatives in uk, we know that times will come when once again we have to make an emergency trip. next time, somehow, the dogs come with us !!
  4. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    I have heard of 2 cases where dogs escaped from this place, one where a dog died because he wasn´t taken to the vet. one dog, a old english, was covered in tar and had to be shaved and another with a flea infestation. nothing stopping chatting to my mates and asking their opinion. On the other hand they have mainly good reviews. i´ll give a very non committal 1 star
  5. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    the kennel owner has made contact. first she said that she didn´t believe my story. then she changed her story to - my dogs     bedding was put on the side when she was putting their stuff together and it must have slipped in but she did not medicate my dogs. my question is, what was she doing with a strong sedative, just casually lying around, in the first place. Anyway, not happy that she has convinced me she now wants my husband to call her. This is the outcome we expected. the dogs were tested on Monday. we think the dogs were dosed on Friday night. we can not prove anything apart from a trace in one dogs urine. I´m calmer now but when the dogs fell into a deep sleep all day Saturday and through to sunday I was frantic. Also revenge is a dish best served up cold. the report goes ahead  
  6. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    Our dogs are not bouncy . nor do they bark a lot. they are however typical rescue dogs, wary of anything new. if anything both would have cowered in a corner. I have read the terms and conditions again carefully and it clearly states that in  the case of ill health they will use their vet and we will be contacted. they said they provided a nutritious diet and she was certainly peeved when we insisted they stayed on their own food. we took bedding as advised and also an item of personal clothing with our scent on ( as advised). we also provided a resume. prior to this I we had telephoned and informed them that the dogs were Cyprus rescues. she said that she understood.  However rather than taking them to a small space to start she allowed them the run of the whole place. Of course they ran and hid we were never told of opening and closing times despite asking 4 times. if she had telephoned us to ask permission because the boys were anxious I would have reminded her that in the resume I had listed key words that they had been taught. If that didn´t work then I may have considered medication. To be honest I don´t think she gave a flying f*** about our dogs and shes certainly not answering a simple question. I´ll give her until Monday by which time I will have the vets report. as for a public hanging, as much as I would love to, these matters are usually best dealt with by those with the clout to do something. Thankyou for the links. 
  7. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    Trace elements have been found in one dogs urine. The boarding kennels are being given a chance to explain. The sedative is a fairly strong one and would explain one dogs dehydration. both dogs have significant weight loss. Both dogs attended the vets prior to going to the kennels to receive kennel cough , flea and tick treatment. I have been advised not to broadcast the name of the kennels or the findings but to allow the authorities to deal with this. This is to protect myself from legal action being taken against me. I have 3 regulatory bodies to contact
  8. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    This particular boarding kennels has come to our vets attention in the past. He hinted that they would deny everything and blacklist us just for daring to ask about this tablet. Fine, we will never use them again.
  9. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    We used their online booking form and paid online. We were told that the payment was confirmation of the booking. . I then wrote and asked for written confirmation.  They were not happy that we took our own food but agreed to use it. We also provided contact telephone numbers and a brief resume about each dog. We also took their own bedding.  If we had put our eldest dog in,  then giving medication in the form of a tablet would have caused internal bleeding.  Luckily he went with the puppy to my friend.  I have asked the kennels if they can give an explanation but so far they are ignoring me.. I will give them a few days before reporting them. I am very surprised that they don't want to clear this matter up
  10. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    The testing of the tablet will take a few days. The boarding kennels used are very well known and have been running since 1996. As I explained it was an emergency situation - in the middle of summer - my concerns were to get the dogs looked after and to get to UK in time. it was not for a casual holiday
  11. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    Our reason for leaving the dogs was an emergency situation.  A friend had our other 2 dogs. The lady who normally has the bigger 2 was away. Please do not criticise me for paying nearly €500 for my dogs to have the best care for 4 days What's. Wrong with you people 
  12. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    Blood tests taken from dogs. Medication sent for testing. The vet has an idea what the tablet is but can not determine strength.  Meanwhile one dog is vomiting blood, only small amounts but worrying. Both are now more alert. The dog who is vomiting appears to have bruising. He is having xrays. Nothing concrete yet to say our dogs were abused. The vet suggests that we actually just ask the kennels for info about our dogs treatment but it seems we are not an isolated case. Also I understand that not everyone is a dog lover but no one should condone animal abuse
  13. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    they wouldn´t give us a receipt or a contract as I've usually done before. we left a german and uk contact number. we understood that they had access to a small run apart from once a day when the dogs went into a large compound. our dogs are rescues and very badly treated in the past so tend to be withdrawn when nervous. our vet has just called back with a name of a drug that he thinks this tablet is and we are to take it to him at 8am tomorrow. they have normally gone to a lady who looks after several dogs and been very happy. this was an emergency trip and new       kennels . I understand set hours but we had telephoned ahead warning them of an early arrival. they looked at us for 2 hours and said that the dogs could not be released until they had eaten breakfast but then didn´t feed them. if the vet is correct it is a prescription drug and not for them to dose a dog with. thank you , well see what the vet says and be   guided by his findings
  14. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    No medication should be given to dogs in care without consent from the owner. another strange thing was that during the 2 hours that we were made to sit outside we didn´t hear a single dog bark. The dogs have now slept for virtually the whole of the time since we collected them yesterday, Sadly we can´t find an emergency vet. we have been told that if they are just sleepy but drinking then we are safe to bring them in tomorrow. I didn´t find the tablet until later in the evening yesterday but I could certainly get a sample today I was wondering if anyone knew how we stood legally.
  15. Hi, we have just collected our 2 dogs from boarding kennels and we are very concerned. they were very thirsty, hungry and smelly. hungry and smelly didn´t bother me. there was a third pet passport put in with ours. One dog appears to have bruised ribs. Both can not stay awake. Most of all as I went to put their bedding into the wash a strange tablet fell out. we are taking it to the vet tomorrow as we think the dogs have been drugged. On top of all this, we called ahead on the previous day and asked if we could collect the dogs early. When we got there we were made to wait 2 hours. They said to feed them. Where do we stand if the vet confirms that the tablet is a sedative.