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  1. Noise levels

    We need to find out, it was residential,  we need to do some research 
  2. Noise levels

    He sold all his land and houses because he drank himself into a million euro worth of debt. He didn't actually get the money from the sales, the bank took it all
  3. Noise levels

    This farm vehicle park is in the heart of our village,  the vehicles come from farms of surrounding villages and the farms on the outskirts of our village. On a really bad night they are queued on the road each way, beebing their horns and shouting. We think that as it's in a residential area it can not be right. We are going to the village elder
  4. Noise levels

    Yes when hes sober
  5. Noise levels

    I'm not sure but it used to belong to the guy who sold us this house
  6. Noise levels

    At 2 am this morning 2 farmers where shouting at each other across the street waking up us and the people over the road,  arguments in the early hours are the norm. Revving engines,  door banging. The construction of this huge garage has been halted because it's going to be an extension of this derelict house. The house started falling down and the stadt stopped the building work until the house is repaired.  ( local laws to do with old buildings). We have good double glazing but I'm at an age where I keep getting very hot and need windows open. During the day we have to shut all windows and doors to hear each other speak
  7. Noise levels

    Hi we live in a rural village not far from the coast and surrounded by farms. We bought our house with empty land next door apart from a derelict house. This has been turned into a sort of farm vehicle park for the village. Farmers drive up about 5 am, take the tractors and return any time between midnight and 2 am. There is car banging, the noise of the vehicles and shouting as the farmers meet up. I'm exhausted, I need some sleep is there anything we can do about it or must I put up with it as part of village life. Right now I feel like throwing myself under one of those blinking tractors. I can't sleep in the day as it carries on all day, sundays and bank holidays!
  8. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

    I now have an appointment.  The receptionist has been sacked after refusing appointments for everyone apart from her social circle and a man nearly died. Chemist is amazing trying to help everyone.  Other surgeries will reopen soon as their doctors return from working in hospitals.  We hope to change surgery before all the holiday makers and second home owners return and take up the medical facilities 
  9. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

    We do not live in Bremen,  we live up on the north coast 
  10. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

    At the moment other surgeries are closed so that the staff can help out st the hospital. I think I'm just going to have to wait this one out. The pharmacy is really helpful
  11. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

    This is just the way things are at this surgery. Nothing like the surgery we went to down south. So another week on and we called back having been in isolation for 3 1/2 weeks. Again I have been refused an appointment. I must isolate for another 7 days in case I have the virus. We pointed out that this is what she said 8 days ago. She asked if we had stayed inside all of this time and not left the house at all. Stupidly I admitted that I walk the dog but meet no one at all. The beauty of living in an isolated location.  She then told me that I have not isolated and I must isolate for 2 weeks as I may have the virus. We asked for an uberwiesung for the specialist but I need to see the gp first and I'm not allowed to see the gp until I've isolated. I have no fever, no cough, in fact none of the symptoms. 
  12. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

    There are few surgeries here, we were trying to change doctor when this virus hit. The other surgeries closed to allow the staff to work in the hospital. My surgery has 3 doctors and a few nurses. It has this receptionist.  I do know that there is one man who needs medical attention for an old injury who is also being refused. We have just a few days left till we have been in isolation for another 7 days and we will try again. My husband want to play it by her book. Meanwhile we will look into going to the specialist in hannover but also see if we can find one nearer . I do know that these are strange times and I hope that you are all staying well. Thank you.  I'll let you know if we manage to see my gp this week 
  13. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

    Also why am I paying all of this health insurance when I can't get medical help and I'm getting sicker
  14. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

    First of all if we can get an appointment with the gp we are not allowed to leave the waiting room or we lose our appointment.  We are not allowed to request to see the female gp. At the moment the receptionist refuses to allow any appointment until we have self isolated for 7 days despite our being in isolation for over 2 weeks already. However this has been going on since January when I came out of hospital.  I needed my bloods doing again and medication revised. I need to see the nurse first and then the doctor.  I have been refused. Last year I I managed to get my bloods done but I was refused an appointment with the gp to discuss the results. The receptionist offered to get me a prescription for painkillers.  I don't need pain killers. I don't have thyroid glands so I need medication to do their work. This time the receptionist told me to go to the chemist and get a throat spray. My hair is falling out, I'm cold. My skin is drying out, I'm tired, constipated etc etc. All easily rectified if I can speak with a gp. I can get another prescription but its obviously not working now and hasn't been for some time
  15. Dog attack

    When the attack happened the owner stayed in her garden, the dog came through the hedge and across the road, but was on a tether. The owner screamed at me to move away from her property but I was on a public road.  Anyway my dogs had wrapped their leads around my legs while her dog had his mouth on my dogs neck.  I only got away by stumbling into the field.