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  1. Non payment from house sale

    Buyer finally paid and coughed up 1500 compensation.  3 months late in payment so 1500 doesn't really cover the stress that he caused. We are still out of pocket. He still hasn't paid all other associated Bill's. Not our problem though. Thank you for the support and advice 
  2. Non payment from house sale

    Bank are aware and helpful.  Notary contacted buyer and asked why he has still not paid. The buyer said he was waiting for new instructions because he didn't pay with the last letter.  Notary told him to pay now. Today we see if he has..if not we are in with our lawyer.  This buyer is just a lying b.... who is playing games 
  3. Non payment from house sale

    Buyer has not paid again. His excuse is that he thought he needed a new letter with a new payment date. Notary is losing patience with lies and excuses and told him he didn't need a new letter and to pay tomorrow.  We should see payment by Wednesday lunchtime.  If it is not there we go through our lawyer.  Meanwhile we are paying all house payments for 2 houses. Just before xmas with 5 family members arriving in 2 weeks, this is no joke. We dont sleep and are both now ill. 
  4. Non payment from house sale

    The 10% compensation is not in the contract.  It is a sum that the notary wants him to pay us. Right now the buyer is being told that we are getting a lawyer to represent us. That we are happy to talk but we will be supported. As for house payments.  The sale of the other house was to pay for this smaller house , leaving us mortgage free. I am retired and my husband semi retired but will need to give up work soon.  
  5. Non payment from house sale

    The buyer did include the planning permission in the contract but we know that was granted.  I am only taking my husbands word for the 10% compensation.  He may have misunderstood.  The notary is very upset with the buyer.  He wants the round table discussion to avoid court. We are insisting that our lawyer is included. This is mainly because we do not understand all the legal ins and outs. We want someone fighting our corner. The marker is trying to please everyone.  He wants his money too. The bottom line is that we cant afford 2 mortgages. Tomorrow I will read your message again and take notes. 29th November was the final extended payment date but buyer asked for an extension.  He was granted this then didn't pay. Now hes refusing to speak to anyone which solves nothing. The old house will be the hardest to sell but our home will be snapped up, especially after all the work done on it. We don't want to lose our home. I'll keep you posted. There is s phone call being made to us after 11.00 which may make things clearer. Thank you
  6. Non payment from house sale

    Well the buyer has not paid. We are left with paying 2 mortgages and must now start legal action.we can not officially have the old property back yet so we will be forced to put our home up for sale.  We have to attend a round table discussion but we will take our lawyer with us even though the notary is on our side. We have been told that solving this can take years.  We have found out that the buyer had tried to sell apartments based on drawings but failed to get his name on the deeds and therefore complete the sales.  He walks away. We will end up homeless. This is so wrong
  7. Non payment from house sale

    So today we were told that there is no payment.  The fine will be 10% of the sale cost plus payment for our costs and stress caused. There is s meeting with the burgermeister on Tuesday.  Apparently the town does not want any more holiday let's. However we are arguing that we sold a large property,  we have nothing to do with its future use. Also the buyer has said he is turning into apartments that he will sell. He has not said that they will be holiday let's. Notary is not happy, nor is estate agent.  Another point is that when their architect was in the roof of the property he actually put his foot through the ceiling.  This damage must be paid for and repaired.  Watch this space
  8. Non payment from house sale

    We asked that the payment date is by today. The notary has given him till 29th and he had to pay for monies lost through non payment.  Getting this planning was not true so now there is another excuse. We know he is dividing the property into flats and selling them. In fact he already has them advertised.  I suspect he is trying to sell them on architect  drawing before paying us. Now we must wait till 29th
  9. Non payment from house sale

    We sold one property and bought another. The buyer is making changes and needs planning permission.  This is apparently holding up payment.  Meanwhile we are paying for 2 houses and a bridging loan.  The sale of the house should have left us mortgage free. The buyer is waiting for a letter to authorize payment,  the notary says is down to  the permission being given to knock down a garage.  I do not see what this has to do with us. These payments are crippling us. Where can we get advice?
  10. Moving to the Emden/Leer area

    We are an English couple who moved to dornum 8 months ago. We would love to meet up with other brits
  11. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    Didn't come here to be judged. Discuss what emergency it was or why we need dog care. Thank you for the links. The kennels will be investigated.  J suggest some off you look to yourselves before criticising others 
  12. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    we normally use 2 friends. 2 dogs with each friend. that is always a possibility. However we have moved 5 hours drive away, they are not always available. we are looking into local people and have a visit booked with one lady. Then theres the 4 dogs           problem..have you noticed that when someone has 4 or in our case 5 kids, people say, oh what a lovely family. FOUR dogs and we get comments like, how do you cope, how do you keep your house clean, why 4?. People do not like to take on 4 dogs for overnight care. The eldest dog has some minor health issues and people don´t like to take on sick dogs. the excuses are endless. we have looked into a new ferry route. longer on the ferry but less driving. the dogs travel well. At least that way I will know exactly how my dogs will be treated
  13. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    kennel owner has now telephoned my husband with a 3rd story. she has also contacted me on facebook after searching me, she is also emailing. she has  threatened legal action if we tell anyone of this "untrue story". The lady doth protest too much, me thinks! all we have asked was if she could shed any light on the presence of this tablet. we have not mentioned drugging or medicating our dogs at all. these words have come from her mouth. with the 3rd phone call from her we have made an official complaint. apart from the vet and the officials we have not mentioned this womans name or the kennels involved. however friends of ours do know where our dogs have been. With elderly relatives in uk, we know that times will come when once again we have to make an emergency trip. next time, somehow, the dogs come with us !!
  14. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    I have heard of 2 cases where dogs escaped from this place, one where a dog died because he wasn´t taken to the vet. one dog, a old english, was covered in tar and had to be shaved and another with a flea infestation. nothing stopping chatting to my mates and asking their opinion. On the other hand they have mainly good reviews. i´ll give a very non committal 1 star
  15. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    the kennel owner has made contact. first she said that she didn´t believe my story. then she changed her story to - my dogs     bedding was put on the side when she was putting their stuff together and it must have slipped in but she did not medicate my dogs. my question is, what was she doing with a strong sedative, just casually lying around, in the first place. Anyway, not happy that she has convinced me she now wants my husband to call her. This is the outcome we expected. the dogs were tested on Monday. we think the dogs were dosed on Friday night. we can not prove anything apart from a trace in one dogs urine. I´m calmer now but when the dogs fell into a deep sleep all day Saturday and through to sunday I was frantic. Also revenge is a dish best served up cold. the report goes ahead