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  1. If I run a mini GMBH in Germany, is it permissible for company Directors to pay themselves any excess profits as salary such that net income for the entity is zero at the end of the year? That way, the company will not have to pay income tax.  Instead I will be taxed on my personal salary as though I am an employee.  Are there any legal restrictions in Germany that would not allow me to do this?
  2. Genuine thank you. I had zero responses on this thread for more than a week. Finally someone has followed up. 
  3. Thank you! Really appreciate your input on this one. 
  4. Anyone knows any international tax advisors who have worked in the past with clients who run businesses outside EU in the less developed part of the world (think countries like Kenya, former USSR, India etc)? The main issue here is how to report income from that business in Germany and how to make sure that records-keeping conforms to German standards (which admittedly is very challenging given cultural business practices in that country, no disrespect meant here).    This must be a unique query so I will extremely grateful for any experience-based advice. 
  5. So we received this form from Deutsche Rentenversicherung about 6-7 months after our son was born. I am tying myself to knots trying to complete it but get confused. My questions below:   1. Where can I get help in completing this form? I don't speak German and had to use Google Translate to understand it. It worked for 90% of the content but the remaining 10% that I don't understand seem crucial.    2. Is there a deadline when we have to complete and return this form to Deutsche Rentenversicherung? I have had it for a while and getting worries that I could forfeit state pension contributions for educational periods if take longer.    3. Section 5 (Angaben zu einer selbständigen Tätigkeit) - Do I need to say "Yes" if was self-employed for a portion of the educational period? The problem here is that, I am registered as self employed since May this year. However, I have no tax return at this point and haven't done any accounting with my tax advisor as net profits for my business. How do I answer the subsection 5.2 "durchschnittliches monatliches Arbeitseinkommen" ? I am really really confused here and worried about giving incorrect info.    Any experts on this here? I will be very very grateful for any advice. Getting a bit desperate here.