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  1. I can actually understand where that's coming from. Used to know a lovely norwegian lady, that happened to spend several months a year on a research vessel in the arctic. Let's just say whenever we were in contact while she was there, she did tend to send a lot of pics that weren't exactly family-friendly. And she had quite a few "interesting" stories to tell.   So I guess, things happen...
  2. Mailing to U.S. military abroad from Germany

    The APO system in general seems to be quite the mess at times. Which is somewhat surprising, given how long it's been around.   At work, we do send feedback forms to customers (mostly folks at Patch, Panzer or Kelley) and from what I can tell, the majority of these never arrive. But good to know it did eventually work out for you, Chuck.
  3. Rusty bike

    What kind of bike is it / what's the brand? You need to keep in mind that with most brands, you'll loose any warranty if you perform work on the frame itself. With quite a few of them, that does include smaller, purely cosmetic work. Unless it's done by a bike-shop. There are exceptions, but it does depend on the exact brand / manufacturer. Then there's the issue of the color itself. There's thousands of them and most of them are not available on the aftermarket. A bike-shop that has business relations with your bike's manufacturer can order the specific color you'll need.       If there's actual rust (as the title implies), you might want to contact your bike's manufacturer in general. I've been in the bike industry for about 12 years now and I've probably seen less than a dozen bikes with actual rust on them. That's a pretty rare thing these days.