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  1. I work in a bike shop in the Sindelfingen / Böblingen area. When I initially read your post, I was convinced we're talking hydraulic disc brakes. In that case the price would make sense and could even be way higher. But for V-Brakes...   A pair of decent Shimano brake pads will cost roughly 10 bucks, maybe a bit more depending on the shop. Entry level pads would be at +/- 5 Euros. So that would be 10 to 20 Euros for the pads. Does the bill actually say what kind of pads they put on the bike? Or what the labor was, in terms of the time it took them to change the pads? I mean it's not like changing pads on V-Brakes takes an awful lot of time.   The whole thing is definetely weird. We wouldn't even keep / accept a bike in our shop without giving the customer a quote. You should at least leave them a horrible review on Google. Make sure you ask a native speaker for help. I mean most of their customers will be german after all...