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  1. Extendable limited rentals - is it not unfair for tenants?

    Thank you! I appreciate it and will follow your advice @LeonG
  2. Extendable limited rentals - is it not unfair for tenants?

    Hello! Thank you for your thorough answer, @LeonG@LeonG the rental property is a wg but the landlord doesn't live here. Do the same rules apply if it's a room and not a complete flat? 
  3. Extendable limited rentals - is it not unfair for tenants?

    Hello! Thanks for your answers.    I have another question about this landlord. I (mistakenly) let the landlord access my room with a worker when I was not present. I have now learned that on this day that landlord took photos of the state of some things in my room, and has been showing them to other people. Does he have the right to do that? What are my options? ? The mietverein doesn't seem to be an option because the plan is moving to another Landkreis. 
  4. Extendable limited rentals - is it not unfair for tenants?

    Thanks! Which one do you recommend me?  Do they mind if you're in one of the nearby towns in another Landkreis? (e.g. Garching in Landkreis Freising)?
  5. Extendable limited rentals - is it not unfair for tenants?

    Thanks a lot for your explanation! I certainly thought of the opposite. Shouldn't this be common knowledge?    Anyway, it doesn't make sense to stay there since the relationship with the landlord turned quite bad since the episode, but... what would happen if I dispute the contract?  
  6. Hello everyone! I have been an avid Toytown reader for quite a while, but this is actually my first post.    Having been twice through the awful experience of the Munich rental market, I have encountered often landlords that rent on a 6-month limited basis. Now, I wouldn't have a problem if this limit is established and enforced from the beginning - for instance if the landlord's relatives plan to move in afterwards. Here the Tennant wouldn't have any illusions of staying for a longer time.    The issue here is that landlords advertise the rent first over a six-month limited period (as established in the rental contract), and explicitly say that they will renew the rental for a longer period "unless it doesn't work between you and me".  I thought this couldn't be that bad until a landlord actually didn't renew me over completely irrational reasons, which totally felt like an eviction  on which I didn't have any legal grounds to dispute.    What I want to ask: is it even legal that landlords rent for a limited time without a reason? Since I have found more and more ads like this, I am wondering if this can be somehow denounced. The landlords are always in a position of power, and if things go wrong for them with a terrible tenant there is always a (huge) Kaution and proper legal processes of eviction.    Forgive my complaining - it's just that after paying the rent on time and being a clean and silent tenant it frustrates me how much power still lies on the landlords, and how unfair they can be sometimes...