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  1. Can you convert a spouse visa because your splitting up

    we have not. We are still talking.
  2. my partner and I got married almost two years ago, both American. We are now in the situation that my partner wants to split up. I do not, but we have to get the visa renewed in three months. They had a student visa and now getting a work visa and after two years can apply for citizenship/ permanent residence. Do I have the right 1. to get my visa renewed with them? We will be living apart (if I find a place to live) for a month 2. if I can't renew my visa can I convert it to a Freelancer Visa (an idea I've been toying around with in my head, as I am an artist)? 2b. If i can get a freelancer Visa can I also work a 20 hour job too (so that I get my health insurance)? Any information would be helpful and I have looked here and google and cannot find an answer.