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  1. 5 year old unpaid medical bill – any risks to chasing this up?

    I have a good SCHUFA score, though. If it was reported to them, it doesn't seem to have impacted my score much at all.
  2. 5 year old unpaid medical bill – any risks to chasing this up?

    After 5 years I have absolutely no sign they've been able to track me down. No impact on German or UK bank accounts. I'm skeptical they are even trying, maybe the amount is too small for them to care?   As I say, I'd like to follow up with Vivantes and pay it, I just worry this is somehow opening Pandora's box  and maybe this situation is just better left alone?
  3. TLDR: I have an old, unpaid medical bill from over 5 years ago. I received an initial invoice, but no further communication. Should I chase it up?   Early in 2017, I was brand new in Berlin, and still using my EHIC. I ended up at A&E, was in a fairly confused state (before I understood German), and completed the forms I needed to get treatment. At the time, I didn't yet have a permanent residence in Berlin. So a 100€ invoice from Vivantes was sent to my old address in the UK, and my UK landlady forwarded it to me.     In the letter, I was confused by (1) having to pay an invoice when I supplied an EHIC, and (2) what to do with a form included in the letter, which years later I now know was just a SEPA mandate. For this reason, I wrote to the contact email on the letter for clarification. They never replied.    My landlady sold her flat soon after, so I never received any further communication following the initial invoice. I also see the details on the letter are wrong (name misspelt, wrong gender). And they have never tracked me down in Germany.   To this day, I haven't paid. (I am not proud of this. It is, to put it simply, a stupid mistake.)   I would like to get this issue off my mind. I don't mind paying (with 5 years interest at 5% it should be around 135€). But to be honest I'm worried that I don't understand the legal consequences of any of this.   My questions: Aside from paying the fee, are there any risks to chasing up my own unpaid invoice, to get the updated fee and pay it? Could paying the bill (ironically) have a negative effect on my SCHUFA, if they connect the dots in the process? I read there is a 3 year limitation period – does this appear to my healthcare invoice, and if so, do I need to do anything at all?