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  1. Have applied for German citizenship in Aachen NRW , last month. as most of you are aware the current wait times are 18 months and more even for them to begin processing your documents.  I am indian passport holder and wanted to know if anyone here approached an immigration lawyer to help with them in fast tracking this process and getting the citizenship faster. Thanks a lot would be of great help if you could mention a few immigration lawyers as well  
  2. There used a trusted advisor here ok this platform by the name Panda Munich . a true savior in time in need. Very grateful. But unfortunately not sure if that account is active here anymore 
  3. I live in aachen , could you recommend a good lawyer ? 
  4. Thanks Lolli. But I also want to know how it would effect my application for a citizenship . i will be applying for a citizenship now and have heard that it takes a really long time to get it , sometime even months. But unfortunately I have to live to another country for personal reasons for a few years and will be back after that . i can make frequent visits to Germany to keep my Nierderlassungserlaunnis active but might not be able  live here if I relocate for few years in between . Wanted to know how that would impact my citizenship process. Is it mandatory for one reside in Germany during the process . Is it not sufficient if I fulfilled all the criteria at the time of application and keep my Niederlassung status active ?
  5. I have read through all the posts here but haven’t found anything specific to my situation. i have lived in Germany for 10 years and currently hold a Niederlassungserlaubnis. I will be applying for a citizenship soon , but I’ve heard and read that it takes a long time to get the citizenship . In the meantime I might have to relocate for 2 years to another country. I will apply for citizenship and might have to relocate. How would this work ? Should I come back every 6 months to Germany ? Should I hold my residence here or can I just visit a relative place also in Germany every six months. Will this effect me getting my citizenship ?