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  1. Hello,   I have a Niederlassungserlaubnis. I am planning to move to my home country for self employment and pursue an external non-funded PhD from a German university (will visit Germany once a year for progress review and discussion). My field of self employment and PhD work are related to each other. Personally I would prefer to keep my Niederlassungserlaubnis valid during my PhD duration since it would allow me to travel to Germany without the need for an yearly visa application. And in case my self employment attempt fails, a valid Niederlassungserlaubnis will make it easier for me to move back to Germany and find a job. Should I apply for a Dauraufenthalt EU since it allows 24 months of absence for prior Blue card holders and therefore would be more beneficial for me as compared to the Niederlassungserlaubnis? Or should I just visit the the Ausländerbehörde, explain my situation to them and let them decide what's best for me? Regards, Aman  
  2. Thank you very much for your response and for suggesting DeepL. It seems much better than Google Translator. Regards, Aman
  3.  Hello,   Refer to the attached extract from the following website-   Could you please let me know what does the following sentence mean? "Wenn der Antrag abgelehnt werden muss"   1) When the application is rejected by the authorities 2) When the application is withdrawn by the applicant   Thanks, Aman
  4. Hello, I need a certified English translation of my Aufenthaltstitel. Can I get this from the Ausländerbüro?