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  1. Trying to clarify the situation with requirements between holding BC and acquisition of NE. Assuming BC allows you to get NE, after 21 (33) month that are proven by looking at the social insurance payments. At (http://www.bamf.de/EN/Infothek/FragenAntworten/BlaueKarteEU/blaue-karte-eu-node.html) it also says that "previous periods of holding BC count towards the goal" I've never clearly seen a case whether or not this time period can be interrupted or not. 1. Do these 21 (33) months only counted when person holds a BC continuously? Or is it only total contribution to social insurance (under specific conditions – salary, higher education) that matters? 2. If I were to move out or change to another residence title (e.g. student) and then for example get BC again after few years, would this past periods still count? 3. In case it doen't count – does this mean that essentially if I were to move out of Germany, I can try to get tax return on my social payments and other taxes? (Assuming they won't count towards anything anyway and I'll have to start from scratch) Thank you for help!