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  1. I'm a non-EU master student in Germany and confused as hell.    I was just able to get my work permit (little green document stating what's allowed for me to do) changed to allow freelancing for certain clients. This was possible after I got a letter from my Hochschule explaining to the Stadtamt, that they see that my tasks fit my studies.   My new work permit now explicitly mentions the client's names and that I may work with them on freelance basis.     One of these clients, a rather large studio is asking for me to include my VAT ID number (USt-IdNr.)  in my invoice. Looking into this, it seems you have to apply to that and it seems rather messy for someone not making large amounts of money. I am well under the taxable income bar.  I've so far been successful with just including my Steuernummer (11 digit number) with other clients.   Any thoughts/experiences/clues?