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  1. Employment notice periods (Kündigungfrist)

      Thank you so much for this, helped immensely. I left out the "hilfsweise zum nächstmöglichen Termin", so as not to give them any option to take advantage of me and claim that I have to leave at the end of the month.   An update, for the benefit of others who may have the same question: First off, reminder that my contract stated 3 months notice, without any more details (no statement "until the end of the month" or "quarter").   As it turns out, I am able to leave exactly 3 months from the date I handed the letter. Thus, if the contract mentions nothing except the notice period, then you have no obligation to stay until the 15th, or end of the month.      
  2. Peanut butter shortage - help!

    A bit of background: I used to be able to get Peanut Butter & co.'s Old Fashioned (Crunchy or Smooth) at small shops in Greece for several years (~2010ish to ~2016). Nothing but peanuts and salt. Once I tried that, there was no going back to any other peanut butter- the taste is unreal. But for some reason, you can no longer get this PB anywhere in Europe (only the ones with added palm oil, sugar and/or flavors). My next favorite would be Smuckers Natural, and recently I tried and liked Laura Scudder's Natural (which might be the same thing?).   Anyway, after trying a few natural PBs in Berlin, I ended up with Bio Zentrale's erdnussmuss crunchy being my favorite. Not gonna lie, it's nowhere near as good as the ones above, but it is one of the most pleasant I have tried- fairly neutral taste.   Attached is a photo- you can also get it on
  3. Employment notice periods (Kündigungfrist)

    Hi everyone,   My apologies if this has been answered before- I searched and read as many threads as possible, but did not find the exact same situation.   I am about to hand in my notice of resignation to my current employer. My contract states that my notice period is 3 months, without any other details. It does not say 'to the end of the quarter' or 'to the 15th or the end of the month', or anything else like that. Does this mean that I can quit exactly 3 months from now (i.e. 22nd of October), or does the law require me to stay til the 31st of October?