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  1. Thank you, it's a long shot but I'll look into it right now!
  2. Berlin School of Law and Economics. They don't have Studentenwerk :(
  3. Thank you for the suggestion. We are about to receive our residence permit so probably start looking for jobs soon but since moving to Berlin, we will start from there and can't really look for job unless we are there so yeah will look for a furnished place first like you suggested. Any recommendation where to start? I mean is there separate websites for those? Thank you.
  4. Thank you for your answer. We have been searching and I shared the problem we are facing. We need to know options or ways to overcome the situation we are facing and I was hoping the thread would help us with that.
  5. Hello everyone, my family is in kind of a 'apartment pickle' maybe you guys can help us. We are a family of 3 (myself, wife and a 2 year old boy), moved from USA to Nuremberg few months ago to go to school. Till this day we haven't found any apartment for us. First month and half we stayed in Airbnb and now we're in kind of a shared community place. We tried every website there is, written numerous messages to landlords both in English and German but they deny us based on -> we currently don't have a job or family "too big" etc. Funny thing is we have more than enough money in a German bank account that we transferred from USA which will easily last us close to 2 years and we are about to get our residence permit so we can get jobs. Recently, I transferred school and now moving to Berlin in the last week of September so we desperately need a place for us starting October 1. The school I'm going to, do not have any accommodation options for foreign students just like the one here in Nuremberg.  I am scared for myself and my family that we will have to go through again what we went through when we first arrived, it was a nightmare. Especially now that we are in a completely different city and we will arrive with all our stuff and may not have a place to stay.  What should we do? Can any of you suggest a realtor who can help us? Is that going to be too expensive. Since we don't have a job yet, we don't want to spend way too much upfront. We are looking for preferably 2 bedroom, if not for now 1 bedroom and the place partially furnished.  Please suggest what we should do, all ideas are welcome.  Thank you and God bless.