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  1. Hi,    If you like wine and are interested in meeting people, I'd invite you to take a look at the website : https://quaranvino.wine/ These are english-speaking, online wine tastings hosted a couple of times a month on various themes. Many are hosted by wine producers which is a really fun way to get to know more about the wine in your glass from the person who was involved in making it.    We have a fabulous community of english-speaking expats, many from Munich, who join regularly and we get mingle during and after the events. It's a great way to do something other than binge on netflix and be sociable without having to get babysitters or taxis.  There's a discount of 5% off your first order at the moment,    Thought I'd share,    Cheers,   
  2. If you're missing evenings out drinking wine during social-distancing, then I have an alternative for you! I have been organising wine events for Italian wineries for over 15 years and since we can't meet up in person anymore I had to come up with something different so I created Quaranvino Dinner Dates, a programme of online dinner dates hosted by some of Italy's leading wine makers from Sud Tirol to Sicily.    I selected these wine producers as they all have stories to tell and have been pioneering in the wine-making of their region. We'll have dinner with:  Klaus Lentsch of Tenuta Klaus Lentsch, Sud Tirol (28th March) Alessandro Medici of Medici Ermete, Emilia-Romagna (1st April) Raffaele Librandi of Librandi, Calabria (4th April)  Giacomo Garofoli of Garofoli Vini, Marches (8th April)  Giuseppe Nicolis of Nicolis Vini, Veneto (11th April)  José Rallo of Donnafugata, Sicily (15th April).    To share the experience of being at a dinner with a wine-maker, you'll receive the wines we'll taste (1 or 2 bottles according to the box you choose). The Solo box has 1 wine per dinner, the Duo box has 2 bottles and includes an Amarone and a couple of dessert wines. Dinners will be held at 8pm online via a zoom call. Once you order the wines for the events you'll receive details of how to log-in and be part of the events.  All you need to do is decide what to cook!    More info and registration here: https://bit.ly/Quaranvino1   Short video on how it works: https://youtu.be/mRr7oFYSEDY   I look forward to having dinner with you soon!    Faye    P.S. All events are held in English.