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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

    This is really interesting and helpful, had not seen it in those terms, thanks for giving your time to explain it .   Come to think about it, I was wondering why I feel nothing at 30 mins (and indeed it was more this time) when, in the warm, I got tired and felt "enough, time to get out".   (Sauna was 24+ hours after, btw, just to make me feel happier, and get out and moving etc).    I have got some swimgloves that someone once gave me decades ago and I wondered when I could possibly ever need them.  But of course I still won`t: as I now must strictly go back to the warm bath day.   Some people seem to spend ages in the cold bath, just like milling around, no idea how they do that, perhaps they cannot move .
  2. I agree with the others, and would also say that I often think this sort of feeling might be telling us something.  OK, you may think she is unattainable, but maybe you might want to get out there and find young women who you can be with .   I would suggest keeping out of this lady`s private life, as well.  Don`t go there, however tempting.  
  3. Why are you unhappy today?

    Thanks, yes, something that was dawning during that sauna  .   A bit like on the dental thread, it is "self-care" of doing for you what you would tell others to.  I do not want to but I must.   Second opinions help a lot, and can help to get to the root of the unhappiness.  (Just medium-paced swim like 30 mins btw, not some feat of endurance you would assume renders you bedridden next morning).   So back to warm bath day, assisted by large amounts of scotch and beer, it is .
  4. what happens at a pap smear test

    It is private insurance, this one, yes.
  5. Why are you unhappy today?

    Logically I may have to  change back in the end and I suppose that is quite possibly really why I am unhappy  .I would like to stick to the new day.  Was just not really expecting this I suppose, done it cold at previous points.  Probably getting older, which is another reason to feel down, when stuff you took for granted and did effortlessly for many years suddenly is nothing like so easy.  "Can no longer even manage cold bath day" feels bad.       OK, ladies and gents, we have a winner as to the best solution.  Problem solved, have a nice spring evening all.
  6. Why are you unhappy today?

    Sorry, to be clear, in Germany, many swimming baths  have some days scheduled as warm water swimming bath day and some days it is cold bath day.  Really - not heated, even when zero or less outside.    The first naturally costs a little more.   I changed my day after many years and now I am on cold bath day.  The swim is OK but the next day (ie. today) is much like a really bad hangover feeling .  Every week so far.  If anything, getting worse.
  7. Previous owner feels he can enter my home

    You were correct to go to the police, and the other ideas are also great.  Another thing to do would be to consider some separate storage while the renovation is taking place (there are lots of places now) and keeping valuables in a bank safe etc, or keeping part of the house separately strongly locked and everything in that.  Given them nothing to go at basically.  Prevention better than having to sort out more crime.     You also need his stuff off your premises asap to eliminate his supposed reason to be there.   Go through the legal process on that.
  8. Why are you unhappy today?

    Another not so bad one but I recently switched swim to cold bath day and the swim is fine, but, my goodness, the next day hangover .  I may as well drink half a bottle of scotch and lots of beer.   Banging headache, nausea, diarrhoea (which at leasts beats the alternative) and all.  Quick to get over in the usual ways and a very good excuse to pop to the sauna, but I thought I was OK on recovery - far more dehydrating, perhaps?
  9. what happens at a pap smear test

      That is the basis it is supposed to work on though, I think.  We get told what is standard or whatever and just pay regard to it.  It is not supposed to be a prescriptive must.   When I get my various schedules of tests, we see it as like "the full set" but we do what my doctors and I decide is appropriate.   There is a deal of give and take in it.   Mine are also just a fixed sum, not per process, so I just get the money anyway.   I have never had anything like the "rack rate" for a "full set" discussed either.  It all sounds a bit premium end.   We don`t get that in the rooms above the Aldi where there is always a long line of patients waiting, for sure.
  10. Wait a moment.  This is Germany. Property owners often are the ones who pay to the renovations of the road outside their house often.  It creates enormous upset.  Quite a high profile case in my city where one side of the road has to but the other - thanks to paths running alongside - do not.   So, rest easy,  it is what you want, no need to sweat.
  11. Tips for renting a house in NRW (Düsseldorf/Neuss)

    I agree the price range comments. DDorf is seen as just about Germany's wealthiest city, so it might be a high expectation.  In addition, we hear here that many property ads are scams at the moment so scrutinise them carefully.  I also wonder if, in an attractive artistic city like DDorf, you might find more suitable central scenes than where any 1500 house with garage you could find might place you.  Most people live in flats in big cities here, including most of the better off.
  12. Landlord entering apartment without permission

    Easy to say but I might just let a lot of it go.   You are out soon.   Selecting your battles, too, perhaps?   The having a key may well be a no-no (no idea on laws etc) but uncertainty around a plumber to be fitted in and so having to be home when we would rather not be feels familiar (and especially if you rule out another party handling it in your absence).   Indeed part of running a home, occasionally.    I also personally would avoid discussion of the unrelated domestic matters when the people there for viewing are directly there,  but maybe there is a couple of minutes after they have gone, or in advance?   Give her the space to line up your successor.
  13. That as well, no wonder you feel burdened by healthcare costs .   I can see why you are looking to sort it all out, seems no reason to pay two countries.  Maybe the thing to confirm is how the secondment works and also what happens when it ends.  I understand "secondment" to mean the employer is unchanged.   (I have seen stuff coming out of the Krankenkassen re. German employees in UK, changes obviously afoot on Brexit).
  14. First Ever German Dentist Appointment

      A lot of us would be amazed if novocain is even contemplated .     Let`s just start gouging in to the tooth and jaw, shall we?
  15. Why are you happy today?

    Because we can welcome Köpenick back .  Just reconnected following Berlin`s longest power cut, 31 hours .   The demolition of a bridge extended to the demolition of the power system.   And The 1975 really are very very good.  The millennials that baby boomers like.   Best British group and album at the Brits last night, well done them, deserved.