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  1. Hi All,   Anyone heading to Garmisch tomorrow? There’s tons of snow!!!    Be great to meet some of you if you are.    Cheers Craig
  2. Motorbiking in summer

    Hi All,   We live in Garmisch and even though winter has just started I'm missing riding my bike.    Do any of you ride and would you be up for a regular meetup at the start of summer?   Cheers Craig
  3. smartmöbel - any good?

    Hi All,   Found what looks to be a reasonable kitchen on smartmöbel but, wanted to ask if anyone has used them and if so, were they any good?   Cheers Craig
  4. Stupid question alert - light fitting

    Thanks guys.    I'm also really nervous around electric, made sure all the switches were off at the fuse box. Now I know the earth doesn't matter (depending on the light being installed) I'm happy to crack on so......if you never hear from me again I got too confident :)
  5. Stupid question alert - light fitting

    Thanks everyone for the help - told you it was a stupid question.   I'll get on with installing the second one then :)
  6. Stupid question alert - light fitting

  7. Stupid question alert - light fitting

    Hi All,   Moved into a new place in Garmisch. The apartment doesn't have any light fittings so, I bought a light.    Question 1: the wiring from the ceiling has the normal 3 wires; Live, Neutral and Earth = fine, I get that but, the light that I bought only has Live and Neutral - no earth. What do I do with the earth wire in this case?   Question 2: the light works with only Live and Neutral - am I going to kill myself if I leave it like that?   Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Craig