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  1. Anyone in Murnau or the surrounding area?

      Hi Daniala,   Ours is 6 months old. What brought you to Germany? Where you from?  My wife is Latvian and I'm from the UK. We love it so far and been hear since November last year.    Craig
  2. Motorcycling rideouts

    Slammer and Yesterday - will post next time I'm free on a weekend
  3. Motorcycling rideouts

      But when we ride like the wind...we cover the same distance  
  4. Motorcycling rideouts

    Got potential for an evening ride out on Wednesday if that works for either of you?   This weekend and next is out as we've got visitors although generally I have a day free on a Saturday or Sunday
  5. Motorcycling rideouts

    Hi Mate,   Sounds good to me. I'm free on Sunday but, I'd need to be back in Garmisch by around 2 as it's a mates birthday party. Could meet at 10 and set off?        
  6. Motorcycling rideouts

    Hi All,   Is this thread dead or, are there still people interested in a ride out?  I live in Garmisch which obviously has some great roads but, I'm also happy to travel for a meetup.    Got an Triumph Street Triple R...also thinking of buying a Ducati Scrambler so, if anyone has any experience on these I'd love to hear it.    Cheers Craig
  7. Anyone in Murnau or the surrounding area?

    Hi Susaa,   My wife, daughter, dog and I live in Garmisch. You still in Murnau?    Cheers Craig
  8. Hi All,   We're in Garmisch, does that mean we will be chased away with pitchforks if we try and come for a curry with you?    Cheers Craig