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  1. Self servicing my motorbike

    Hey there,   I want to do a little service on my motorbike, specifically flush the coolant and fill it up with new. The problem is: I live in an apartment and don't have my own garage to do it. At first I wanted to do it in front of the house, but I heard how strict the locals are about hazardous liquids getting into the soil. I mean, I don't plan to spill any and have all the necessary tools to do it, but things can always go a little wrong.   So I thought maybe it's possible to do it at the gas station? It seems they are dealing with hazardous stuff 24/7, so there should be some protection layer (?). Have anyone tried it? Or they will scold me and drive me away with a broom?   Thanks.
  2. Self servicing my motorbike

    For someone who might be having the same problem as me in the future:   I did it on the street in front of the house. All went good, all clear, no spills. Didn't have any problems or even basic curiosity from the neighbours 👍
  3. Self servicing my motorbike

    @Krieg, thanks a lot, yeah, I got hybrid coolant, that should be right for my bike + I got a 6l plastic bucket for draining oil from Louis. That should do the trick... If I don't find any hobby service station around my area, I might try doing it near my house after all.   @HH_Sailor, thanks for the hint and in no way I wanted to flush coolant down the drain. I'll catch it in a special bucket, put back in the bottles from new one I got and will dispose of it properly. Just really don't want to argue with my neighbours having their own opinion on a lot of stuff