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  1. Relocating to Germany with german citizenship

      Yes, I know. Definitely gonna remember about that. 
  2. Relocating to Germany with german citizenship

      Not a driving factor. But biggest city in most countries means most opportunities. Why would I choose other city if the biggest city is at the same time the closest one. That would be weird if I do not have already a job in other city. Maybe Germany is different and biggest city is not the best. I have degree in economics but work on construction site by the way. Anyway thank you all for replies. I found polish site with announcements of rooms to rent to people from Poland, so it is going to be easy now.   
  3. Relocating to Germany with german citizenship

      Yes, polish border. From a place like Berlin I could come visit much more frequently even or weekends. Does Leipzig have big foreign community? I have heard East Germany does not like foreigners. Even though I am "ethnic german" and hold german citizenship I do not think that would make a difference.
  4. Relocating to Germany with german citizenship

      I am not in Berlin yet. I like Berlin's proximity to my home. Actually one of the reasons I like Berlin are low rents. You can easily rent a flat for 400 euro for a month. Plenty of such flats. In Bavaria and Stuttgart and Hamburg prices are much higher. It would almost impossible to find a flat for such price. Is difference in salaries really that big? I am not doctor or engineer so I do not think in my case difference in salary would be that big so I look mostly on where I can save more and in that case it seems to be Berlin or Westpahlia, Rheinland thanks to cheaper prices. 
  5. Relocating to Germany with german citizenship

      Thanks for clarifying. That was really helpful. My grandfather has a flat in western Germany, so I could register myself there but I wanted to live closer to a border. 
  6. Relocating to Germany with german citizenship

    I wish it was as easy as it is in Poland to rent a flat. You pay the money upfront and you have it. In Germany it seems to be extremely hard to get it that way without having already a steady job from what I have read, that's why I hoped that with citizenship I could try to get that social flat. I thought about wohnen auf zeit but the prices are crazy. Pretty much just apartaments for like over 1000 euro for a month, 
  7. Relocating to Germany with german citizenship

      So should I go first to Wohnungsamt or Arbeitsamt ? Would I get some place to stay if I have german citizenship?
  8. Relocating to Germany with german citizenship

    No, Poland. Not a private insurance. 
  9. Relocating to Germany with german citizenship

    Till now my insurance has been payed by my employer. I assume it is similar in Germany. 
  10. Hi, I have german citizenship and speak quite good german. I want to move to Germany but there are some obstacles. I do not have a job yet and place to stay.  I can't get a job because I do not have a place to register my residence  And no one will rent me a flat when I don't have a job so I can't register my residence. It is a closed circle. But I have heard that with german citizenship it is possible to get a social flat. My question is, what is the name of the office that deals with such matters and how long does it approximatey take to get such a place to stay?