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  1. Dear vaonba,   Did you mean the studying advice service at a university? Yes, I did contact them and I am still waiting for their answer. I will post it here when I get some helpful information.   I have also ask the HR department of my institute where I am doing my PhD. They said I could finish all of my experiment works and arrange with my supervisors so that I can go to work in an industrial company and write my desertation at home and defend it later. For the Visa, they don't know.   Best regards, Challenger
  2. Dear all,   Just about one and a half hours more to the new year/new decade of 2020, I wish you a blessed year with a lot of success and peace of mind.   I am doing my Ph.D. study now. Since I have some problems with my supervisor, I want to quit. However, I am from a third country (non-European), quitting my study means I have to go back to my country (intermediate cancellation of student visa). I don't want this prospect yet. So that I want to apply for a new IT job (my passion and my will) here in Germany.   My problems and questions are: - I don't have an IT degree (but a bunch of online IT certificates from Udemy, edX...) but a master's degree and engineer's degree in a completely different field/major. Will the Foreigner's office allow me to work in Germany if I get an IT occupation offer (change from the resident permit for student to work permit)?. - Do I have to go back to my country to apply for a new work visa? - Do I have any preference when I have already been paying German taxes, pension insurance, and unemployment insurance since the beginning of 2018?   Thank you all in advance.   Happy New Year and best regards, Job changer