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  1. Thanks a lot  @Sir Percy B.   I'm glad to hear that I won't have to surrender my license and that I can use it to drive my car during the whole license process.  I will be taking a few practical lessons as I have never driven in Germany before and with what I've heard so far, there's a lot to learn.    800 euros per year sounds reasonable to me. I will probably be looking at somewhere around a 1000 euros/year because the type of car and the place I will live is not yet certain.   Again thanks a lot for the help!   You guys probably know more about this so I'm just gonna ask this one thing before we can end this thread.  Any recommendations for good expat car insurance companies? This question has been probably been asked somewhere in the forums. If that's the case, I'll find them myself!      
  2. I see. So I can at least get the insurance. It's just gonna be expensive.    I don't think my current insurance history will be valid in Germany anyways.  My license was issued 7 years ago though and I have been driving ever since.  I will also try to find an apartment in a small quiet town, preferably near Walldorf with an indoor parking space. So that might help in the insurance cost.    My primary concern was that I won't be able to temporarily drive in Germany after I applied for the German driving license since they take your current license.      But I guess the temporary license is great and now I can find an apartment in a small town where there are no train stations.   
  3.   Because I might not be able to insure my car without a German driving license. Still not sure about it though.  I mean I can't drive the car without the mandatory insurance.  Probably an insurance advisor might be able to help here
  4. I understand.  Hmmm. I don't see the point of letting foreigners drive cars for 6 months with their own licenses if they can't buy a car. Is it for rental cars only? Very hard to believe.  In the case where I can't get car because I can't get it insured because I don't have a german license, can I like register it to another person's (colleague at my company with a german license) name? Of course, this might be a very specific detail that people might not know.  Thanks for the heads up though! I understand. 
  5. Oh man thanks so much.  Yea I have the international license and the original one both. I'm gonna get them translated as soon as I get there.  I was just freaking out that I would have to rent a small and relatively expensive apartment near the train station and then change it again after 6 months.  Renting is so expensive. 2-3 cold rents  to the landlord and 1-2 cold rents to the agency. So this helps me so much.   I will just get a car as soon as I go there and after that apply for the german license.  After that, I can find a relatively cheap and big apartment away from the city. I'll have my car to go to work.  This solves a lot of issues that have been on my mind. 
  6. For the first month, I will be living in a hotel in Walldorf provided by the company.   After the first month,  I was planning to move somewhere near Heidelberg, possibly Eppelheim. Most of my future colleagues are living there.  But again, If I will be able to drive WHILE I go through the process of getting a driving license, I will possibly find a house away from the city where there are not train stations nearby. 
  7. Hi guys,  I will be moving to Germany after a couple of months to start a job in Walldorf.  I am looking to buy a car and after reading a lot on the internet, I found out that I have to apply for a German driving license and do the theory exam  + practical test to get it.  I have an international license in english issued by my country and I know I can use it for 6 months. But (according to different forums) usually the process to acquire a German driving license takes anywhere from 4-6 months (maybe more).    My question is, if anyone knows, if I apply for the German driving license, will they take my international license? ( I know I might have to get it translated to german, but I'm not sure).    My concern is that during the 4-6month period, will I be able to drive?  I am planning to apply for the license in the first month of my arrival actually.  This is a very critical decision for me and will affect the area where I will rent an apartment.  Any help is appreciated guys! Thanks!