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  1. Car scrapping

    Great advice - I am reluctant to get rid of it but see little point in having it - I think ebay may be a good idea thanks     
  2. Car scrapping

    Susie  great advice any chance you could email an example of the disclaimer ?   
  3. Car scrapping

    Ok got an old 2000 silver Golf MK 4 RHD - works ok TUV coming up in November Couple of issues with it so either looking to sell - probably for parts. Issues are the front passenger window - runner issue - have the parts to fix  Battery draw Pretty new Tyers   Realise this is of limited appeal but I either try to sell it, for parts otherwise -    so how does one go about selling parts or scrapping it here ? 
  4. British Bacon

    Ok a year into no return to the UK - anyone still managing to buy British Bacon in Munich ? I am going no joy.    Also long shot Mcoys Crisps 
  5. Dear Johnny Englander 

    I think I am in a similar situation to you - what did you find the solution was for your UK pension pot ?? I have 100,000 to either drawdown or buy an annuity or transfer into Germany via QROPS. The only difference is I am registered here and live in Gemany permanently pay tax and healthcare here but work for a UK company. Did pandamunich help you on this ?

    hope you do not mind my asking...

    1. JonnyEnglander

      Hi, the answers were not certain, but there is a risk that in the year the pension matures, the entire sum could possibly be  treated as income for that year. I was advised to seek expert advice which I have not done as I am some way off retirement yet. 


      I have no expert knowledge but a couple of solutions might be either transfer the UK pension to a German pension company , or to move back to the UK in the year the pension matures. That would require citizenship in order to get back after. 


      Also it may be less problematic if you have your annuity from the same company that you invested with. In my case one provider does not do annuities and with the other I would loose a quarter of the value compared to choosing another annuity.



    2. ramrod

      Ok I must confess I think I do need to speak to an expert but they just seem to be few and far between here - you just keep get tge feeling they will rip you off! To many sharks !