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  1. Change of name by German in UK

    I have no choice but to have my living in Australia acknowledged. I was there on a visa and needed to submit proof to the German Consulate that I did not apply for citizenship there. So if my name changes back to the original, I will have to get Australia to recognise my being there and not applying for citizenship under that name too.  I do have South African citizenship (through birth) but do not want to lose my German citizenship as foresee myself living there at some point in the future.  My name is changed in South Africa which means my childrens' birth certificates, my identification in South Africa, tax clearance, my previous visa, everything, is all under my new forenames...   
  2. Change of name by German in UK

    You have been a great help - thank you so much. I did not change my name due to not liking it. My father was a criminal and I was legally adopted. He had caused me a great deal of embarrassment and pain and I was worried to be linked to him (now that I am older, I realise that people will not judge me by my father's actions, but while I was at school, I spent my life panicking that people would link me to him). I realise Germany probably still won't recognise this but have to at least try. I would change my names back to the original names (even in 3rd world South Africa where everything takes forever and a day) but do not even have a vague idea how I would change this under the visa I lived in Australia under... 
  3. Change of name by German in UK

    Thanks for your reply. I was unaware of this being an issue at the time. There is some process regarding requesting Germany recognises this change but I am clueless with regards to how to send this form into and who to? I probably won't succeed but given that the change back would involve other countries I have lived and obtained visas for, the process to change back may be insanely long... 
  4. Change of name by German in UK

    Good day   I am hoping that someone on this forum can assist me. I am a German citizen through my mother who was born in Cologne, Germany. I had a German passport but when I was much younger (14) I was legally adopted by my stepfather and I changed my first names because of valid reasons (for me) at the time. Germany does not recognise my change of first name and requires I submit an application to have this recognised. I live in South Africa and my local consulate has not dealt with a case exactly like mine before and therefore has not been able to assist much. I cannot change my name back to what it was as have subsequently travelled on visas, had children, registered with tax, etc.  I have searched online but not had luck with regards to who in Cologne to submit the application to and what I must submit with the application form (i.e. what certified documents along with my motivation letter)? Please, if anyone has any advice regarding how to deal with this from South Africa and a contact detail in Cologne or elsewhere, I would be so grateful. I need to go through Cologne, apparently, as my mother was born there and therefore the descent is from that district.    Thank you and Kind Regards  Jenny