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  1. Moving/Relocations companies

    Hello! I'm not sure if it's been asked in previous threads, but I'm currently looking to move from the US to Germany & have had difficulty finding information about moving companies internationally. Many websites I've visited ask for information only to pester me with automated calls or flood me with emails --- personally this makes me anxious as I haven't been able to just find a company that can give me an idea of what I would be able to do outside this format. If there are others that may have had similar experiences I'm wondering what companies you went through or suggest ? I wouldn't be moving furniture at all & already have a place that I will be able to stay with my boyfriend so I'm trying to figure out how I would get any other personal items over aside from what I would be packing on my initial flight over. Thanks!
  2. Self-introductions from newcomers not in Germany

    Hello! I have just recently found TT and was excited this forum existed. I'm planning to move to Germany to Cologne before the end of the year & visted last year for about three weeks. My name is Carissa & I'm currently 29 years old [ soon to be 30 ]. Searching through a lot of information on previous posts & researching everything I need to do for this move. I'm super excited but so happy a community such as this one exists !