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  1. Hello, all   I'm a Chinese national who used to live in Berlin in 2019.  Last November I found a WG with a man in East Berlin who owned the place. During my stay he began to gaslight me sensing my depressive mental state, and finally committed a sexual assault against me on Nov 25, 2019. I had to return to China shortly after the sexual assault, was too shaken and ashamed to do anything about it right away. since I was so damaged by the trauma of this event, I was unable to accept an offer of employment from a German company, and lost subsequently my residence permit in Germany and could no longer return. The great suffering, pain and shame caused by the assault and its consequences drove me to attempt suicide.   Now without access to proper therapy, I was put on a mood stablizer and pretty much rely on my own strength to get through the days. I submitted an official Strafazeige (complaint) to the German consulate here who passed on to the Federal Police 2 months ago. But knowing the lack of direct evidence and the pandemic, there's little chance my case will ever see a trial.   Under a friend's advisement, I sought out his company and sent emails to his employer, to no vail. His employers didnt do anything. I'd like toi arrange to send letters to all his neighbors to shame him, but could not find a way to access such information as his neighbor's name.   I'm reallt at thewits'end and consumed in resentment. I know its unhealthy, but I need to get bakc at him, even just a bit. Please kindly advise should you know a proper way to handle him in this situation. Thank you.   P.S. if you wanna find out more about the case plz follow longroad2justice on insta. .