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  1. Painting before moving into an apartment

      I know this post is old, but could you please send it to me too?
  2. Americans just moved to Stuttgart

    Off topic but could you please let me know where to find a holiday rental like this? My family and I are moving to Heilbronn with a small company towards the end of the year.
  3.   Ohh, good to know about the allergen list. Very helpful information and will certainly make it easier. We're headed over next month for a visit, so I'll see how we go then.    Hopefully whatever insurance we get covers it. Would be a shame if it didn't! Thanks for your information, it has been really helpful. 
  4. Thanks for the replies, very useful. We do have a confirmed allergy to dairy, so I don't think we will have any troubles getting a script for him once we arrive in Germany. I'll bring all records along though, good suggestion.    Pepti is available here in Australia, I guess what I am looking for is a formula I can start my Son on now and then keep buying in Germany. We will bring tins over as I plan to get a script here before I go and then just bring some tins over.    Insurance will be paid by the company and I have no idea about German Health insurance, so I assume at this point it will be private health insurance. In that case, I think we will be able to get a prescription and health insurance will cover it.    Snowingagain - breastmilk is definitely easier and cheaper, but I currently don't speak much German  (but will be learning) so I think being able to read labels and tell cafes/restaurants of restrictions could be tricky. Not impossible, but definitely tricky. I have a hard enough time here in Australia where I can communicate properly with people and have been served dishes cooked in butter etc. which of course leads to a very unhappy baby when I don't realise before I eat it.
  5. Hi all,  We are contemplating a move from Sydney, Australia to Heilbronn in a couple of months.  I have a 5 month old baby who has a cows milk protein intolerance (intolerance to dairy), so we will need to find a paediatrician who will be able to manage this and potentially a paediatric gastroenterologist. Does anyone know of a good one?    Also, he may be put on Neocate formula, has anyone seen this available for purchase? It is a prescription formula here in Australia and the government does subsidise it. Our health cover in Germany will be top level (I'm not sure what, I just know the company pays for decent insurance). Does anyone know if health insurance covers formulas like these?   Thank you.