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  1. I thought I would start a thread for outdated words, sayings and expressions that were once very common. Let's cap it at 40 years ago. Throw out as many as you like.    I'll start.   in triplicate
  2. Why are you unhappy today?

    Injured toe. Could be broken? Everyone I know tells me doctors can do nothing for it. 
  3. New words or sayings

    The spoken abbreviation of words that are used in full sentences..    recommend... rec different...diff episode.. ep    etc. 
  4. YES! That was it. Thank you Bobby!!   (That's funny but I'm sure gets annoying to have to explain... ) 
  5. Can you help me identify this film and/or the actors in it?   The movie aired on a network station in Europe. It was made in the 1980s in Italy. It featured two men and their adventures. The film was set in the USA. It was largely action..I recall a scene on a boat and the characters were throwing furniture at the villains. But it had quite a bit of comic relief in it too. The main characters were thin and large respectively. The thin man had blonde hair and someone I was visiting with told me that the actor was of German origin.    Help? 
  6. namu, Not saying I am "used to hearing Trump". He is a populist leader and I make no excuses for his rhetoric.    You seem to have taken a lot of offense. 
  7. I am acquainted with a few Germans in my area. I also tend to find certain things they say shocking. For example, a friend of mine will, without hesitation, criticize the cleanliness of another friend's home.    I chalk it up to a cultural difference. I may say one day "That's not something I'm used to hearing from an American" 
  8. Right, I was thinking this as well. Because that situation is more likely to be Canada. 
  9. No more VW Beetle

    So you're saying the gas pedal is on the left instead of the right? Think it's this way in all countries? 
  10. No more VW Beetle

    My thinking was very superficial, I'll admit. I saw a white one around town and just thought it looked cute. I did not research gas mileage or anything remotely practical. 
  11. No more VW Beetle

    I wasn't sure what your "why" was in reference to. 
  12. No more VW Beetle

    I have been thinking about what it would be like to have one of these lately. I've never driven or ridden in one.
  13. Only in America...

    Just when I thought I'd seen fried everything! 
  14. Topic suggestions welcome for my YT channel

    Revenue? I have yet to see any. I have 10 subscribers.