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  1. ALG I And Blue Card and Beschaft. jeder ARt gestattet!

    i have not found a lawyer
  2. ALG I And Blue Card and Beschaft. jeder ARt gestattet!

    well i did notify the auslanderbehorde of the 10 or so months I was unemployed but they are so messed up they have no clue what was going on. When i went back in december to get this current job confirmed they said they had authorized a second job which they never did. So who knows whats going with them. Theyve always been informed in any case.   I did not take any ALG as i could not
  3. ALG I And Blue Card and Beschaft. jeder ARt gestattet!

    move someone could move this post to the berlin section, please?
  4. Hello All,   thanks for your help last time around.   So things are very uncertain at my current place of employment. There is a 50 / 50 chance I will get removed from my role. The topic of the removal itself is probably worth another discussion thread. I did however sign up to join Verdi but they havent too helpful   My question is as follows, so I was issues the blue card originally in november 2018. Given that Ive not take any vacation this year plus the one month termination notice plus the fact that I wont even have a meeting with my job until the 21 of october, I would be well past the 2 years minimum. Plus I will be past the 12 months of having worked there. As i started on October 22 2019.   Questions are the following.   1. Would I qualify for ALG 1. I would have paid the 12 months into the system and so in theory I could get it back but I've heard people have mixed results. Would ALG I be a negative for the further issuance of the niederlassung aufenhaltstitel? I dont believe it would be but i'd rather ask.   2. How exactly does this permission to take any job after 2 work? Can I just automatically take any job I want by just presenting the visa that shows the original date of issuance? There is one catch here and I know it legally it might be a problem but I dont know about how it would work out in practice. While I did hold the blue card for 2 years and the paper said I was working for company X, the reality is that I would have only contributed about 14 months into the pension plan as I was unemployed for several months in between all of this.   I have been trying to figure out if there is a way to make back payments with the DRV and I have an appointment with them on the 29 of this month.   I would really appreciate any help and support on this topic, especially due to the corona situation and a very big personal loss.   Thanks  
  5. thing is Ive not had luck in finding a lawyer this person I spoke too wouldnt refer me to someone else she said to just look online. She seems to be very qualified which is why I insisted in speaking with her or someone she has worked with.   As for the rest I might not be happy here but thats my problem not so much the country. At the end of the day Im sorta stable here, I have a job which I hate but im holding onto and im achieving some of my economic goals. Its pretty much the first time ive held down a professional job for this long so if I can hold it another year or so and get the permanent residency id be killing two birds with one stone. At the very least if i can hold it till the end of the year and then look for something else in October for another year or so thatd be quite good.
  6. not necessarily im sure its not ilegal to take a vacation. Hence why i do need to speak to a good lawyer
  7. yea its real shit luck but its been a goal of mine for as long as I can remember so i just need to find a way to make it barely. That usually means not being in Germany as much as possible taking vacations to france or denmark or anywhere every 2 months or so.
  8. i appreciate it what i dont appreciate it is that this started in December. If I had anything else going on that starting before the pandemic then id be understanding. But saying that something that started in December was affected by the covid crisis is simply making excuses for Germany shitty set up. My goal is to be a part of Europe, Germany in my mind is only tangentially part of that concept. Since as you mention there is no EU citizenship and I'm already in Germany Ill do what I can get to my goal.
  9. Hey engelchen. Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate your stern but helpful advice.   So the situation is a lot more insidious then that. In februrary of 2019, which was right at the end of the 6 months the LEA gave me to find another job. I presented them with a new job offer. the lea did not update my visa because they wanted my college anerkennung even when i submitted the documentation for my first employer before this one they did not ask. By the time i got the paperwork together the job took away the offer. In any case I got the paperwork but I did not contact the auslanderbehorde after I got the paperwork.   Then in october 2019, I emailed them asking what had happened to all my paperwork and to update the employeer. They were totally confused. When i went to the appointment they asked me if I was still working for company X. The company which they never approved. I Almost lost my shit and I said no. Heres the paperwork.   Apparently they have no clue what is going on. So thanks to the LEA i lost that job which was a good one and now im stuck here for another entire year without being able to leave. Not only is that not fair its really screwed up. Someone needs to take responsibility for that.   As for my plans I wanna become a European citizen which means suffering through all of this at least until I can leave for 6 months at a time as a permanent resident thats way im aching to get this done ASAP.  
  10. hmm well. Its possible they just realized I wasnt employed for that year. They were very confused about everything in fact they thought I was working at X place where they never authorized me to work.   Though what difference what that make at this point. Its really like they can take away that year I didnt work with the blue card. I do see what you are saying I'm not sure if i can wait another year for the permanent residency its been hell to stay here for this long. I really need to take a long long break from this otherwise I wont make it.   To that point I'd be happy to pay a lawyer to fight for all of this. Do you have to know a recommended one. I asked that other lawyer but she just gave me the general German lawyer website which isnt much help as there are several listing on there. This person was recommended by a coworker who had apparently sue the LEA and won.   I appreciate it.      
  11. yes but they promised it would be ready before christmas and now they are just using this corona crisis as an excuse. From December to February before the crisis started should be more then enough time especially given what they had previously promised.  So that is not ok. Hardly preferential treatment. Also why did they respond then stop responding. There is clearly something that is not ok. Well my grandfather in the US has corona is in rehab but I might have to visit him soon if he gets worse he is 86 years old. Is that good enough.   Finally, I'd rather back for the 21 months. Otherwise It would take another whole year and I dont wanna wait that long at my current sucky terrible job. The website says you can make backpayments or the equivalent to a private pension fund but it doesnt say how its calculated.
  12. Dear Toytown So I submitted my documents to have my employer updated and my visa renewed in early December. My visa was going to expire at the end of February They Auslanderbehorde Berlin said it would be ready before christmas. That date came and went. I waited and I started to asked for information in Late January and got no responses. I was able to get a termin in March but that got cancelled due to the virus.   I have now been sending these people emails every 3 weeks. They answered once asking for my name even though it was in the signature at the bottom. After that I have not received any responses and I have continued to try to get any information from them.   I reached out to a well regarded lawyer who basically said she was too busy to take my case.   I really need the visa renewed and most importantly I need to be able to leave the country.   Im not really sure what else to do as all efforts have failed. Does anyone know a lawyer or someone else who can put pressure on these people to get an answer.   In a related question I am hoping in August to apply for the permanent residency but since I was unemployed for about a year during the blue card period and I need to have 22 months of contributions to the rentnerversicherung I would have to back pay some money but no one seems to know exactly how much I owe. I tried to reach out to the german pension fund and even tried to get an acquaintance who works there to ask but no one seems to know who to even ask.   I really appreciate everyone's help.   thanks