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  1. Hi all there. I have succefully registered for the unemployment benefits with six months duration (my job contract was 1-year). During the registration a guy over there told me that i deserve 20 days vacation and i should inform them in the case i leave my city.    Can someone tell me more details about that? Are there somewhere official rules?    In the case i will not inform them, what might happen? If i go to a near city? If i go to a far German city or to a neighbouring EU country (France or Netherlands) for 5-7 days by car, bus or train without informing them, what may happen? Is it possible to detect that i left my city, for example by gps or by my cellphone location or something more complicated?    Or the only possibility is to send me an invitation to visit them, but since i will not be in my city i will not be able to attend with any possible consequences? They have already invited me once and i attended. In the case it will happen, will a doctor confirmation that i was not good which i will give them some days after the invitation be enough?    Simply said, should i be completely careful and inform them about any of my moves, or if i leave the city for some days, a friend checking my mailbox will be enough? What do you advise me?    Thanks in advance. 
  2. Unemployment benefits after 1 year contract

    Thanks for your answers. At the point i have one more question. I just registered on https://anmeldung.arbeitsagentur.de. As i understood correctly this registration will give me the Meldebescheinigung (Registration certificate). I will need this when i will go on site to register in the local Arbeitsagentur in the first day of my unemployment. Have i understood right? But how exactly I should take this? It should be somewhere on the website after logging in?   Also, it says:       How important is it? I mean at the moment i am on official vacation of my current job, far from Germany. I will return to Germany in the last working day (19 August 2019) of the contract, but it will be vacation day as well. In this day i will check my post and i will enter the pin for verification and confirmation of my current address. The next day 20 August 2019 which will be my first unemployment day I will go on site to the local Arbeitsagentur to claim unemployment benefits.    May there be any issue because of this pin confirmation delay? Have I understood all the process correctly or I miss something?   Thanks in advance.
  3. Unemployment benefits after 1 year contract

    Thanks someonesdaughter for your response.   Actually, during this unemployment period i have plan for starting my own start-up (90% in Germany or 10% somewhere else in Europe). I mean it will start very soon, maybe in August but during all these 6 unemployment months i will work - be busy with my own company, meaning i will not be able to be again an employee.   Do you think it is possible there to be a confusion between these two things (unemployment benefits and my own start-up) and the situation will be perplexed or in my case the circumstances are conducive and understandable?    Also the first money in this company will come from subsidy - subvention, not soon, but after a few months. And in this case i will have a (relatively low) salary.   So it is possible the unemployment benefits to stop in my case? And when it will happen? The day in which i will establish this start up? The day we will take the first subsidy - subvention? Or the day i will take the first official salary?
  4. Hi all. My first official day in Germany was 19th August 2018 and in 20th August 2018 i signed a 1-year-contract, full time (8 hours, 5 days). Also 20th August 2018 was my  first working day of this contract. At the moment i have a proposal to extend it for 1 more year, but i would not do so. My last working day of this contract will be 19 August 2019.   Just i want to ask you some questions about the unemployment benefits:   1) On the internet i read that you need more than one year to be able to have unemployment benefits. 12 months. Do i belong on this case? I mean it does not matter that i had 21 days off for vacation during this period and especially the last 18 ones? If someone has lets say 11 working months he cannot claim unemployment benefits?   2) In my case the net unemployment benefits every month will be 60% of the net monthly income, with total duration 6 months? It also includes health insurance?   3) My living location during this period can be anywhere in European Union or absolutely only in Germany?   4) Is there something else that i should be careful of? For example i read that i must register on an official site for i think job finding before my contract ends, otherwise i will lose some money. Or maybe that i should extend my contract and i will resign after 1 month (1 working month of the new contract)? Or something else?   Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all, In April I rented a car from Sixt for 4-5 days... One or two weeks after having returned it, they sent me an email that the car had damages (two scratches). I should answer and fill in an application online. I wrote in that application I did not do any scratch at all and I was very careful in my driving.   Also their employee in sixt in my returning told me that I can go and they will check the car and everything is ok, and unfortunately I did not go to check it with him at that moment. This was my mistake.   After one month in May, they sent me another email that I should pay 1150 euros, including a fee of 7 euros for every month delay.   I called them two days ago and they told me to send them an email in English that I deny all these allegations.    I feel like, since there is much saturation in this field that sixt has found an indirect devious and sneaky way to earn some money by accusing pure people that they have caused damages in the car they rented. I have rented many cars in 6 countries - 2 continents and never happened something similar. And after googling I found out that it is kind of usual for sixt to do so (in Germany more specifically). Somehow they should be in blacklist and I should be more careful before renting.    So I want to ask you what I have to do and how to deal with this. What are my next steps?  In Germany and European Union, is there a kind of protection for pure people if they have these problems with large international companies like sixt or these individuals are completely alone and defenceless? There should be a kind of help without any personal contact with private lawyer, that it would be very expensive.   Do you think it would be useful to turn to the German Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection or something similar of European Union? Or is there another more direct way people having this kind of problems to ask for help?   After googling and asking some friends knowing a little about laws, I came to the conclusion that I should have the following 4 accusations for them:   1) Unfair Treatment 2) False Claims 3) They caused me Mental Anguish (since all my life and especially the last period I have been living in a quiet, relax and harmonic way with inner peace that disturbed by their false allegations) 4) Loss of Earnings since all this time I have spent - will spend for this issue I could work and earn some money.   Please advise me and thanks in advance.