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  1. Hi all, I have internet service: Red Internet & Phone 200 Cable. I have few question of my contract, but the customer service system is the worst one I ever met. Hard to get through the service center, and they refuse to speak English. Comments on their site called "Vondafone community" is not efficient at all, they don't answer my question, just throw another question back to me... like a never end ping-pong game...   So it would be great if someone can share (bad) experience of how to cancle the contract with them? - How much will it be charged if I didn't complete the contract period? (My contract I think it's 2 year, now it has been 1 year. But I really want to get rid of this company in my life!!!!!) - Where can I downloadI the termination form? (I can't find it... it's all in German)  - After complete the form, where should I send to? how about the wifi router?   I appreciate your time, thank you!