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  1. Choosing a Midwife !!

    @dj_jay_smith and @Saritha Thank you so much for your replies. That was exactly what I was looking for. Here in Leipzig I have no option but have a birthing class in German and I do not want to miss them either.  I have finally made my decision, I will be taking up the German speaking Hebamme . I feel the more I interact with here the better I will understand her.  Thank you again guys you helped me finally decide on a Hebamme @Saritha thank you again for the tip about  Rückbildungsgymnastik !! I will also soon start looking for it :)
  2. Choosing a Midwife !!

    Hello all, I am 18 Weeks pregnant and I live in Leipzig. I need your guidance in choosing a midwife . I have found one English speaking Midwife but she said she would visit me only in the 36th week of pregnancy so that she does not forget my face and she is not offering any birthing classes. She has but informed me that i can contact her in case of emergency or any questions. But I feel, because I have regular appointments at my Gynac , i get almost all of my doubts cleared  so i never felt the need to contact her.  I recently also came across a German speaking midwife who works at the hospital i am choosing to deliver my baby. She infact is offering birthing classes (but in German) and some acupuncture sessions. She is ready to take my case but she was reluctant to sign a contract because she feels in case she is not able to do her job (due to sickness or something)  i should not be left out without a midwife . I really do not understand what she means by this.   Now i am totally confused between these two midwifes. The first one is english speaking but then i have to again look around for birthing classes somewhere else (and most of them are only in german) and the second one , though i can undersand her well ( i have B1 level of language proficiency) i am little worried because my husband doesnt no know any german and after the baby is born the whole pressure of dealing with the midwife will be on me . Please suggest me what can be the best thing to do in this case. Thank You in advance.