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  1. Recycling in NRW

    I live in Dusseldorf, and I'm very confused about recycling.   Paper, Cardboard, Glass, and Bio matter I understand - communal roadside bins. tick. Taking plastic bottles (e.g. water) back to the supermarket for the deposit refund I understand. tick. Getting rid of packaging at the supermarket I understand. tick.   There are huge yellow plastic bins at my apartment, and smaller green plastic bins.  The green bins appear to be for bio matter, the yellow bins appear to be for everything that isn't paper, glass, or bio matter.   Therefore where I'm lost is something like a plastic fabric softener bottle - it seems as if everyone at my apartment complex combines something like this with normal household waste into the yellow bins.   I'd like to recycle correctly, but being new to living in Germany I'm unsure if other people are doing it wrong or if I'm missing another option that isn't immediately apparent to me.