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  1. Salary ranges Web Developer in Munich

    I also know that this has been covered elsewhere, so I understand if you tell me to just look elsewhere, but any assurance, firsthand information, etc. would be helpful for me.   I manage web development teams of about 30-50 people here currently in San Francisco for really large companies.   I am in the final stages of interviewing with a consultancy in Munich to come work for them and relocate.   The salary expectation that has been set is about 130K Euros per year.  That salary is much much less than I make here in San Francisco.   I am making this move simply because I want to live overseas for a few years to quench my wanderlust and to get experience outside of the Bay Area.  Not to go to the highest bidder.  If I wanted to do that, I'd look a few doors down.   Making the move with me will be my husband (stay at home parent) and our two young children.   My question is a) can a family of 4 make it on 130K Euros per year in Munich and likely as important, b ) is that a fair wage for the job?   I've been in software development all my working life like 20 years.  Undergrad math.  Masters in computer science.  Managed teams of up to 30-50 for about 6 years at this point. ' Anyone have any idea if that is fair?
  2. Salary ranges Web Developer in Munich

    Thanks so much to everyone for sharing their perspectives and experiences.   My kids are young - oldest is 7 so I’m not yet worried about gymnasium.  The 2 year old, who cares?   I’m not extravagant so based on the info shared, I think we could make it on that salary.
  3. Salary ranges Web Developer in Munich

    Thank you very much for this thoughtful answer.   I get from your experience or estimates that I should be able to make it on 130K/year in Munich.   From the last time I lived there (only while in college), I did get the sense that Germany was more egalitarian in that there wasn't the spread of wages that there is in the U.S.  And I support that overall.   You alluded to and I am sort of worried about enrolling my oldest who is 7 in school.  As you noted here and I've been told elsewhere, it might be very difficult to get him enrolled in a quality public school in Germany.  Although, I prefer him to go to public school rather than a private international school just because part of the reason for the move is to get him exposure to different languages/different cultures.  I hear your concern about getting in altogether but I've also heard that quite often kids moving in might get held back in school -- which would be a reason to abandon that and just go with a private international school.  Any experience you can offer would be helpful.   I will be looking for a relocation package as you allude.  I am hoping for and expecting that to be at least 10k Euros.   Thanks so much for all this great information and if you happen to know more about the schools, let me know your experiences!
  4. Salary ranges Web Developer in Munich

    Thanks for your perspective.