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  1. Migration for a 36 year software architect from india

    Thanks mate. I have applied to a few big ones like u said, hope the situation becomes little better after the pandemic
  2. Migration for a 36 year software architect from india

    Haha, thanks for the inspiration. May i ask what domain ur on?  When u imply European, are u from the eastern side?    What strategy do u adopt besides applying on the usual job portals?   Best of luck in ur job search!
  3. Migration for a 36 year software architect from india

    Thanks for the reply, yes i know it is very hard for a non-E.U guy to work in Deutschland/Swiss. Things may improve a bit after the pandemic/vaccinations, but no one can guarantee that i reckon!   @alien7 It is very disheartening to note that, even a job seeker visa was found useless. It is quite heart breaking to hear the same, as that is a huge hit. I was thinking of the job seeker router post the pandemic, but i suppose it is a massive risk.   Do u no what profiles they were in? Did they know any German?   The only advantage in my favor i am learning German rapidly (from Goethe, india) & have good experience on Azure/cloud side.  But i guess, that is not much of an advantage over the local populace  
  4. Migration for a 36 year software architect from india

  5. A lil on me- 36 year old married, IT software architect on infra side (Azure, SQL, Airwatch) in Bangalore, India.   Posting in Berlin/Munich as that's where most IT jobs are! Read a few posts like https://bit.ly/3g2XNRp & Reddit subs, before deciding to post here.   Applied to 88 jobs on linkedin.com, stepstone.de, monster.de, honeypot.io,JobLeads.com and berlinstartsup only to be met with failure. Recruiters dont give u a specific reason apart from saying the profile is impressive with a polite note. I understand its the pandemic & things take time, but will residence permit/blue card be a thing after the covid-19 alleviates?   German language skills are ok, but rapidly improving day-by day (read: Course at Goethe & listening to much of Rammstein) Has anyone from the sub-continent or non-EU lucked out after 2020 in getting a software role with sponsorship at deutschland?   Mit Freundlich grüßen,