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  1. How to put into a German bank cash in USD

    I'd like to keep some of my money in dollars to diversify.
  2. How to put into a German bank cash in USD

    IKB offers 2.25 percent for one year deposit and everything is free of charge
  3. I have some cash in USD which I would like to keep and put into a bank account (preferably a saving account with some interest). However I found out that in Germany it's not easy to find a bank which will accept deposits in USD. I found some banks (Comdirect, IKB) which offer USD accounts but to put money into account you need to either deposit euros with the following conversion to dollars or make a transfer from another bank directly in dollars. However I have dollars in cash and I obviously don't want to convert them to euros and then back to dollars. Has someone encountered the same problem in Germany and managed to find a solution?